Thursday 9 August 2007

The Voice of the White House - August 5, 2007

A small ray of hope shines through the darkness of impending totalitarianism! Bush and Cheney need to be impeached and thrown in jail but who is going to do it? As the author of the piece below eloquently states: "The only reason why most Congressmen can stand up without a spine is because their skin is so thick." The only issue I would raise is the author's assumption that the planes flying into the towers was enough to bring them down. The arguments suggesting pre-placed thermite are more convincing than simple aircraft impacts but that does not contradict what the author says below. If they knew about the attacks in advance then it would be easy to bring Larry Silverstein in on it, the WTC towers had a large asbestos liability and this was probably the most cost-effective way to bring them down si I can't imagine he would have complained very much afterall didn't he actually make money out of the insurance companies?!

It is dawning on a befuddled Bush that he is in danger of losing everything. His own Republicans, once so obedient, are leaving him in significant numbers and while the Democrats are not yet able to trounce him on legislative matters, it is only a matter of time before they will get enough Republican votes to freeze Bush in his tracks and end the filthy war in Iraq.

Bush has stated hereabouts that he will never, never pull out of Iraq, no matter what anyone else says or does. And he means it. This is not stubbornness or strong character but insanity.

The talk here in some areas is that Bush is frantically trying to find someone to stage a “terrorist attack” somewhere on American soil so he can regain his lost popularity that he got after the 9/11 attack. Those who claim the Bush people and the CIA or Mossad caused this are partially wrong. What everyone but the public knows is that Bush, the CIA, Cheney, the DCI, Ashcroft and Rumsfeld all knew almost to the day that Muslim extremists were going to hijack commercial aircraft and use them against “icons of American wealth and power” in both Washington and New York.

Their crime isn’t planning the attacks but in deliberately doing nothing to prevent them. Every one of the dead in the attacks can have their deaths laid squarely on the shoulders of the characters listed above.

And after this, Bush had unqualified support of the public and managed to put through rules and regulations that vastly increased his powers as President and greatly diminished the powers of Congress.

Now, it appears that he is losing an Imperial Presidency so he, a man of limited intelligence but with great powers of concentration, has decided to relive the glory days following 9/11.

The only problem is that if someone involved in the plot ever talked, the public, now outraged with Bush, would flare up in civil disobedience. This is the reason why his pet toadies are warning against “imminent al Quaeda attacks inside the United States.” Could Bush find people to help him out? Of course he could.

Hoover certainly found people to get rid of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King but since those days, the public has become far better educated on matters of crude manipulations and if, as they have mentioned, someone set off a shaped charge bomb on San Francisco’s landmark Golden Gate Bridge and destroyed it, very few sane people would believe it.

Bush would demand an immediate universal draft, troops would be flown back to the States from Iraq, detention camps would be reopened, the internet would be shut down immediately and such wonderful ideas as National ID Cards would be dusted off and implemented.

Nixon, cornered, knew when to quit but Bush never will and a crisis of monumental proportions is quickly building.

Is there an antidote to this madness? It is generally felt that if the public made its views very strongly known to their legislators with the warning that if this is not stopped at once, they will all be driven away from the public hog trough next year. This worked recently on the flawed Bush immigration bill and, please note, his toadies are trying to sneak parts of through Congress even as I speak.

If nothing else, common sense will tell you that Bush’s plans are not the ravings of a crazy blogger but there is a large gap between wanting something to happen and making it happen. There are specific plans to invade Iran but they are still only papers in a Pentagon safe. Cheney may be demanding a fake “terrorist attack” and the obedient Bush may well agree with him but they do not have the power to simply do this and turn this country into a nazi-like state with themselves as perpetual rulers. We have lost the oil and gas war to Vladimir Putin (who is twice or three time the leader than Bush ever could be), the Army is effectively ruined as a rapid response force, the dollar is slumping overseas, the stock market is slowly collapsing because of the mortgage, hedge funds and private equity swindles and Bush will do nothing. He has said, in public, that it is the states, not the Federal government, who must be responsible for the infrastructure, in effect blaming the state of Minnesota for the recent bridge collapse.

The immediate impeachment of both Bush and the rabid Cheney is the only effective solution to growing and dangerous problems that threaten all of us. It’s up to Congress to do this but they have let down the American voters again and again.

The only reason why most Congressmen can stand up without a spine is because their skin is so thick.

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