Tuesday 21 August 2007

The Voice of the White House - August 19, 2007

Some interesting, and scary, insights from our fly on the wall in the Washington Nut House. It's one thing when crazy fundies are spouting their rubbish in an Internet chatroom but quite another when they are in control of the largest and most technologically advanced military on the planet. Bush about the last person on Earth you'd want to have in control of a nuclear war-head!

Most of the White House staff who has any contact with the President knows that he claims that he is a very religious man. He believes that he has a compact with God Almighty who talks to him on a regular basis and tells him what to do. No, this is not blog nonsense because he has modestly informed a number of the press assigned to the White House press corps that this is the real skinny. He said that when he was at the late Pope’s funeral, he saw the pages of the Bible fluttering in the wind and in that moment, he knew God was talking to him. This is one of the reasons Bush is fanatically pro-Israel because Bush firmly believes that Jesus is coming back and he will be the celestial instrument in the totally fictional “Battle of Armageddon.’ Bush firmly believes that the Holy Land must all belong to Israel even if they have to kill off all the Muslims living there. Bush has had several of his portraits doctored digitally to show him with a halo over his head and he has an old Bible in his office that he drags out from time to time to “thoughtfully and prayerfully” read whenever he wants to impress a visitor. At first, I thought this was just another Bush con job to impress the Christian Right nit wits that used to visit here but little by little, I came to the inescapable conclusion that Bush actually believed this nonsense and is determined to pursue his lunatic and disruptive Mid East policy in the face of logic and disaster. Those who think he will “abandon Israel” and pull out are dead wrong. He will hint at possible future withdrawals but in truth, will stay in that country until the day he leaves office. Why? Because he says God had promised him all kinds of nice things if he just waits a little longer so Armageddon can take place. No one dares to tell Bush that the ‘Battle of Armageddon’ is not anywhere in the Bible. The only reference to this geographical location can be found in Revelations 16:16 and nowhere else. In fact, no one dares to tell Bush anything he does not want to hear or there is instant reprisal. As the result of his increasing eccentricities, many staffers have quietly left and now, with the departure of Rove, Bush has no one he can confide in. Cheney merely orders him around, Gonzales is a pathetic, creepy little butt kisser and there is no point on dwelling on the shallow and useless Rice. Well, I suppose we get what we pay for and we paid for a wacko who has the power to kill a great number of people. That is if God tells him to.

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