Sunday 19 August 2007

The Voice of the White House - August 16, 2007

That moron Cheney fanning the flames of conflict with China. He really is the biggest wanker on this whole planet!

There has been a sudden increase in stories about contaminated Chinese toys and constant mention of contaminated food for pets and humans being imported into the United States. Is this an example of brilliant reporting or is there more to the story?

Initially, a faked story was put out officially that the death of 25,000-30,000 cats and dogs was due to ‘contaminated Chinese products’. I said ‘faked’ because the alleged poisoned additive was harmless. This was designed to shift blame from furious Latinos putting Ecoli (easy to obtain) into fast foods. Even if your poodle ate ten pounds of the alleged “fatal” Chinese additives , they wouldn’t miss a step.

Then we had the poisoned tooth paste, contaminated seafood, poisoned toys and so on.

The implication here is that either our safety inspectors are stupider than Bush at his worst or that the Chinese suddenly loosed a reign of terror on the west.

From what we hear around here, the answer is not hard to find.

The crazy Cheney views China as a nest of ‘evil Communist vipers’ and has been pushing to wreck their economy. The Chinese were swindled by Blackstone out of hundreds of millions of dollars but when they began to hint that they would dump their dollar holdings and create economic havoc against the dollar, Cheney ordered an all-out media attack on Chinese imports.

He now wants us, and many of our toady allies in Europe (England, Germany, and now France), to declare a total import ban on all Chinese food products on the grounds that most of them are ‘contaminated with poisonous chemicals’. Is this true?

Careless to some degree but certainly not deliberate.

I have said it before and I will repeat myself: Dick Cheney is a very sick, evil man who should be elsewhere as soon as possible.”

Corruption and Utter Stupidity Rampant

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