Tuesday 14 August 2007

The Voice of the White House - August 11, 2007

One of the real problems the American public has with George W. Bush and the presidency is the fact that those who lead it are living in some kind of a strange surreal world of their own creation. Karl Rove’s grab for permanent Republican Imperial rule has died. While Congress still shows little sign of actual leadership, it is evident that Bush and his people can no longer shove their strange, Fascistic agendas down the public’s throat, even by unleashing a torrent of purely ficticous “terrorist” threats that would be comic if they weren’t so deadly. Rove is going and believe me, no one with as much actual power as Karl Rove willingly leaves that power. Cheney and Rove ran the White House and now Bush’s inner circle is getting smaller and smaller. He has lost power but fights to the end. Balked of his triumph when the immigration bill was shattered, he has taken his revenge by ordering savage and petty crackdowns on Mexican workers and their employers. This is typical George Bush. If he can’t have his way, he lusts to punish anyone he can. When he was a raging drunk, he used to beat his wife and this speaks volumes of the man’s vicious nature. Now, Cheney has been touting instituting a universal draft! This would never, never pass muster with the American public and if they were to launch some kind of a fake “terrorist attack,” I seriously doubt if many would believe it. Any person in power in America today who actually thinks a draft would be accepted is as crazy and insulated as they come. Still, even a broke backed rattler has a fatal bite.
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