Thursday 9 August 2007

Pure Java™, Pure Evil™ Popups

Yet another good reason why everyone should install Firefox and use it. It is by far the better web browser, novice internet users just use IE because most of them think it IS the Internet and not just another (bad) piece of software. If you are one of them then take yourself to and start using a DECENT web browser. Oh yeah and don't try and tell me "well I use a Mac and Safari is the best" because you are WRONG. Firefox is on the Mac as well! When you've got firefox install the following plugins: FasterFox, FoxMarks, NoScript and if you're a developer FireBug.

Imagine you’re a web advertiser.
Imagine you can open a popup window from a web page defeating any popup blocker.
Imagine this popup can invade the whole desktop, full screen.
Imagine this popup has no title bar, no menus, no toolbar, no location bar, no border and no buttons. No mean to close it.
Imagine user can’t move or minimize this popup. It will go away only when the browser is killed or your show is done…

Now imagine you’re a phisher.
Imagine you can use this almighty popup to draw anything you want. A fake browser or — why not? — a whole fake desktop to collect user’s data.

Impossible wet dreams of clueless evildoers?
No, it’s just 100% Pure Java™ Reality.

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