Thursday 16 August 2007

Fantasy Amero Coins Cause a Stir In Cyberspace

A great illustration of what Robert Anton Wilson called Chapel Perilous. When investigating conspiracy theories it is very easy to be led down a trail that eventually leads your head up your own arse. Here's an example of someone getting all heated up about the North American Union. Ranting about the release of coins, below you'll see that they are "fantasy" coins. Maybe they are or maybe they aren't, who knows!? The trick is to research things yourself and never believe something just because you read about it, be that online or in a book, or even in your old History school books!

NAU Coins Being Designed - See For Yourself - Proof Our Leaders Are Betraying Us All

For months, we've all heard stories about the possibility that the United States, Canada and Mexico would be merged into a new 'sovereign' entity called 'The North American Union'...



"The Hal Turner Show" has received images of the new unit of currency they are planning. It is called "the Amero" which will replace the "Dollar" and the "peso" in all three countries once they are merged out of existence!

More details are pending. One thing is absolutely clear: The governments of the USA, Canada & Mexico are engaged in a conspiracy to merge the three countries without the knowledge or consent of "The People."

Pending is right, apparently it's all a hoax, well the part about the coins anyway. There are lots and LOTS of noises about the NAU and it wouldn't suprise me if it's on the cards. But unresearched bellicose articles like this simply serve to discredit the conspiracy movement. People really should do a bit more research but I guess some just can't resist spouting off. Then again maybe the story below is a plant, but I don't think so. I do believe the Amero is coming but I don't think the Illuminated ones are that stupid as to allow the designs of the coins to be seen before it actually happens!

UNA Amero Pattern Coins

A currency union, similar to the European Union "Euro" has been proposed for North America. The name of the new currency is the "Amero". The Wikipedia encyclopedia article has additional details about the "Amero". This has been the source for many conspiracy theories tied in with other proposals such as the "Canamex Corridor".

These private-issue fantasy pattern coins will be struck as an annual series (until such time as it is no longer legal to do so), starting in the latter part of 2007.

Some pieces are available for immediate delivery (see below). Others are currently offered at a pre-issue discount (see below). Prices are subject to change. The delivery date of pre-sale items is expected to be completed by early October, 2007.

Final mintages will be determined by sales. The 2007 issues will be available for order until no later than December 31, 2007, and none will ever be minted or available after that.

The 2007 designs feature various Seated Liberty obverses and a similar Eagle & Globe reverse (except for the Jamestown 400th Anniversary commemorative issue which features Pocahontas).

See what I mean?