Saturday 11 August 2007

How One American Evolved into a "Holocaust Denier"

Of course we can't go out and say it because then we run the risk of getting locked up! The truth should not need laws to enforce it, the truth stands on its own. Think Europe is "free" try asking Mr Zundel or Mr Irving how free Europe is! If these men are so wrong then why has the official record been changed with regard to the holocaust? Is it, perhaps, because Benjamin Freedman was accurate? But no, we can't say any of that because if we did then we would be dirty nasty anti-semites. Oh, and nobody is allowed to mention what is happening to the Palestinians!

How does one go from believing the world is flat to accepting that it is really round? How does one cast off decades of what is assumed to be "gospel" and develop an entirely opposite world view? And how does a layman resist and overcome the calumny associated with the acceptance and espousing of a very different and unpopular viewpoint? After all, many honest academics and others have lost their jobs and had their livelihoods ruined because they dared to openly question the story. Unlike all other historical events, this is one that has been deemed "beyond question" and "beyond debate." Who has deemed it so and why? THAT is what you need to know, that you might understand just why this subject is so sacred and unapproachable by honest research.

The following account is an attempt by one who dared be like Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz, and decided to stymie the fear of a booming voice seeming to come from the heavens and to pull back that curtain – and reveal that the booming voice which had all the people in fear was not "God," but a little old white haired man with a megaphone! I present this paper, actually first written in 1991 and only recently updated, in hopes that our laymen will take up the cause for truth, and to show that one does not have to be a man of letters or a "scholar" to discover what turns out to be a simple truth. The enemy knows they can pretty much control the scholars and their voices; what they fear is the lay people starting to question their pronouncements, especially in numbers. Hopefully the personal experience cited herein will be a helpful guide and something with which you may "arm yourself" for future questioning of the purveyors of a despicable, costly, and cowardly myth.

Borrowing an acronym – FEAR – I urge you to apply it to any account of the supposed extermination campaign waged against the Jews by National Socialist Germany.False Evidence Appearing Real is the hallmark of all the tales of "eyewitnesses" and "survivors" in the Holocaust industry. For too long, these accusations and libel have gone unchallenged and accepted at face value.

Come on, folks! This is not an individual, but an entire nation, that has been charged and convicted of mass murder, and has never been allowed to defend itself. Put yourself, as an individual, in that position – you know you are innocent, every piece of forensic, scientific, and demographic evidence exonerates you – but you are not allowed to use it! You are already judged as guilty before the trial even starts. That reminds some of us Texans of old Judge Roy Bean, when asked by a captured suspect, "Are you gonna give me a fair trial?" And Bean replied, "Yeah, we’ll give you a fair trial, then we’re gonna hang you."

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