Saturday 28 July 2007

Will This August Be Like 1914 or 1939?

From Ron Holland who posted a comment on the site. An excellent article, not much of a choice is it really? The worst thing is that most of the population is blissfully ignorant of any of this. I really hope the Internet will make a difference, that's why this site and a lot of others exist.

During the last couple of weeks, many have written articles warning how the Bush Administration could be trying to save its place in history and restore collapsed support and poll numbers through a staged terror attack and war against Iran or an invasion of Pakistan. The flawed reasoning goes that otherwise the GOP is doomed to defeat in the 2008 election. The usual extreme comparisons are being made with Germany just before World War Two both domestically and in foreign affairs. I believe this conspiratorial scenario is wrong and irresponsible.

First of all neither Cheney or the handlers of Bush are dumb enough to ever allow them to be aware of or much less implicated in such a treasonous plot against the Constitution or the American people. Second, the availability of alternative news sources on the internet make the old style war propaganda obsolete in a wired society so no administration could hope to get away with this kind of provocation. Finally, certain special interests want war with Iran and there is another way to war that protects the Bush Administration and this is why I fear this may be the calm before the storm.

In August 1939, most of the people of the German Reich were opposed to war although the German Leader Adolf Hitler had the overwhelming support of the German people. Germans enjoyed the summer, the cafés, and went about business as usual while they worried about the future but hoped for the best. Few politicians or historians on either side of the looming conflict thought a short war in Poland would bring about the greatest military conflict in world history but they were wrong.

Following a faked German-staged “Polish attack” on a German border radio station on August 31, the propositioned German forces invaded Poland from all directions. Although there were degrees of fault and honest historical and territorial claims on both sides, this German invasion started World War Two.

Today, almost 70 years later, naval and air forces of the United States are propositioned around Iran and some warn a mass air and naval assault just may be planned for August when Congress is out of session. They suggest the spark could be another Islamic terrorist attack against the U.S., a provocation by Iran or a staged attack against American targets in the United States or elsewhere by “rogue intelligence operatives” with “plausible deniability” protecting high government officials, foreign intelligence operatives or other related groups.

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