Wednesday 25 July 2007

Voice of the White House - July 22, 2007

I want the software he talks about! If anyone knows how to get it leave a comment on this post!

I have a nephew who is 15 years old and fascinated by computers and computer systems. He told me that he had developed a system that could block any ads from a system and stop anyone from breaking into a personal computer. This was an interesting concept because now that the print media is disintegrating and losing many of their readers, the frantic advertisers have joined forces with the web. Now, when you get up on almost any server, you are deluged with ads. Look at many sites and smack in the middle of an article you see "Ads by Google" or some such and if you want to download the material, you have to split up the cut and paste activities. And, let us say, you are using Yahoo, whenever you want to check your mail, you have to wait until the show you two or three ads for super wonderful mortgages, free credit reports (that aren’t) and used cars. After you sit through these, then and only then can you check your mail. With my nephew's system, the ads are still there but are only a block of light gray and you don’t have to look at slightly used cars or pump and dump stock for five minutes. And the "Ads by Google" are only gray blocs and you can download right over them. As an added advantage, if someone, such as the DHS, tries to pry into your system, they get a dose of virus that would kill a large cow but without damaging your own site. Wonderful concept! I checked out his program, put it on my own system, found it worked very well and recommended it to others. The upshot of this is that my nephew is now in business for himself and sells these, very privately through me, to friends who are not interested in Chertoff's trained baboons poking around in their system or having to read yards of trashy ads while waiting to download your mail. He has a friend who is 17 who has devised a chip that shoots a bolt of lightening into those misguided slobbers who try to capture his browser. I said that if he sold it, which he wanted to do, some clever dick would buy one and reverse engineer it. No, he said, he had set it up so that any attempt to get into it would destroy the inner working. Wonderful how technically brilliant some children are! One of them has a paper from MIT, not designed for the general public, that tells in detail how a standard television set can be used to eavesdrop on conversations. I will do a story on that fairly soon but a tip to those who say bad things in front of the TV: This snooping will only work if your TV is connected to a cable system. To ensure complete privacy, simply unplug the cable connection. It won’t work to unplug the set because it will still snitch. Unplug the cable and everything is blessed silence. The house apes that regularly go into the local cable heads will wonder why they can hear nothing.

Onward and upwards with the arts! My nephew is now buying gold coins with his obscene profits because he has decided, very wisely, that the dollar is about to fall off the cliff (it is already collapsing against the Euro, making life terrible for American tourists) and gold is better. He suggested that people do not buy gold and let the seller "keep it safe in their special vaults" because this is just another hedge-fund Ponzi scheme.

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