Friday 20 July 2007

No charges reported after "cash for honours" probe

In the words of the immortal Bantu Stephen Biko, "The System will never convict the System." Just in case you thought the Broon government was going to be any different from the Phoney Tony one! Don't it just make ya prouder'n'shit to be the member of the Free World? I know it does me!

No one will be charged with the illegal sale of state honours as a result of a police enquiry that dogged former Prime Minister Tony Blair's last months in office, media reported on Thursday.

Police completed their probe three months ago and handed their findings to the Crown Prosecution Service, which has to decide whether to press charges.

Media said the CPS would announce on Friday its decision not to bring criminal charges.

A CPS spokeswoman declined to comment on the reports.

"The decision-making process is ongoing. We have no timing on a decision. If journalists wish to call us tomorrow morning that is entirely up to you," she told Reuters. "Anything being reported is speculation."

Blair was interviewed as a witness three times during the "cash for honours" enquiry, which lasted 16 months and cost one million pounds.

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