Friday 17 November 2006

Web 'fuelling crisis in politics'

I'm only posting this to slag it off. It is NOT the web fuelling a crisis in politics it is the politicians themselves. If they actually DID what they talked about instead of just talk talk talk and no action whatsoever (eg. world poverty and the G8 and Geldof!) then maybe people would have more faith. All we are doing on the web is exposing those lying-neofascist-warmongering-corporatebitchsucking-scumbag politicians who LIE LIE LIE and then try and convince us that they are telling the truth! All the while us normal people wake up in a world that is getting more fucking Orwellian by the minute! The dodgey dossier, the Iraq WMD LIES to name but a few LIES those pieces of rhino faeces have tried to sell us. The scumbags are running scared, watch them try and censor the internet under the auspices of protecting children from paedophiles! When codshit goes quiet run for the hills!

Tony Blair's outgoing chief strategy adviser fears the internet could be fuelling a "crisis" in the relationship between politicians and voters.

Matthew Taylor - who stressed he was speaking as a "citizen" not a government spokesman - said the web could be "fantastic" for democracy.

But it was too often used to encourage the "shrill discourse of demands" that dominated modern politics.

He was speaking on the day Mr Blair carried out an online interview.

Mr Taylor said Mr Blair's online grilling from voters - and other initiatives such as environment secretary David Miliband's blog and Downing Street's new online petition service - showed the government was making good progress in using the internet to become more open and accountable.

But he said more needed to be done by the web community in general to encourage people to use the internet to "solve problems" rather than simply abuse politicians or make "incommensurate" demands on them.

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