Monday 9 October 2006

North Korean Nuclear Test

Text by Mike Rivero of

North Korea just put the screws to US plans to invade Iran.

It will be hard for Bush to sell an invasion of Iran because it might someday make nuclear weapons when North Korea definitely has them now.

Bush has to attack North Korea before Iran, and who will support an attack on a nation that actually HAS nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

Now, I am certain that the GOP is grateful to Kim Jong Il for driving fondle-gate off of the front pages, but if you think about it, this is a political black eye for Bush, who despite his tough talk was unable to convince North Korea not to go ahead with their tests. So, this is a foreign policy failure. And Bush is left looking impotent.

Now the reality is that even with nuclear weapons, North Korea is not a threat to the United States for two reasons. The first is that the US still has the world's most formidable nuclear arsenal and North Korea is no more likely to attack the US than Iraq or Iran would even if they had nuclear weapons (which they don't).

The second reason is, of course, more important. The US is the only nation that has actually used nuclear weapons on civilian populations, and North Korea has no reason to think the US Government is not capable of such an attack now.

Count on the mainstream media to make this story the headline for the next week (see comment about fondle-gate above) but the reality is that after much posturing and tough talk at the UN (which is suddenly relevant again), the US is not likely to start a war in North Korea, because they did not win the LAST one in that part of the world, and that was against a North Korea that did not have nuclear weapons. An attack against North Korea would be very foolish, because the whole point to having nuclear weapons is to have the ability to inflict great damage on an invader. That is the whole point to deterrence.

North Korea will not attack the US without provocation because we have a nuclear deterrent. Conversely, the US should not attack North Korea because they too now have a nuclear deterrent.

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