Friday 24 February 2006


We're being prepared for a war. The TV and radio, all the conventional media outlets are telling us there's an enemy. Dark people, the one's with the funny accents. "Hate them, fear them, they're trying to blow you up!"

Our politicians ignore us.
The media tries to brainwash us.

The government tries, desperately, to make us think of other things.
The people who "protect" us are being blinded.

The ones who gain stay hidden.
They reap the harvest.
They earn the profit.
They live behind walls.
Cameras and guns.

To them we are scum.
Why do you think TV advertising tells us we're bad?

Official secrets.
We'll kill your family if you talk.

They lie to us and we let them.
We know they're full of shit.

They keep us occupied with lies and crap.
Mindless brainfood that is specially designed.
Like catfood without the glossy adverts.
Hate yourself.
Fear Everyone.
Fear difference.
Those are the messages they send.

How do I know?
When I don't stop myself I think that way!

Think free, stop the machine.
Love Peace Unity Respect

Love your family
Love your friends
Love your home
Love your tribe
Love the planet
Love the universe

Would everyone STOP getting shot! Please?

...before it's too fucking late and we're all dead...?!?!?!?!


-= Ewar

ps. yes I'm probably a freak but if you live on this planet and you're reading this then you are too :-)