Tuesday 12 July 2005

Was London a Loose Cannon Operation By a Desperate Netanyahu?

Ok, now it gets really fucking weird! I don't know about this one at all, postings on discussion fora are not the most reliable of news sources. However, bear in mind that if the recent bombing in Tel Aviv was part of the whole thing, the fact that it occured near the Sharon mall, well maybe that's a message...?

And maybe I've been spending too much time in Chapel Perillous. You probably think I'm a loon for even suggesting it...! Come to think of it, I do to... It's just too crazy... But that's what the Internet is for :-)

Netanyahu was "warned." Translation: He was supervising.

Same military explosives as those used in Israel by terrorists. Translation: Israelis did London.

The 10-pound explosives were smuggled from the Balkans. Translation: Netanyahu brought them to London in his diplomatic briefcase.

Was Israel warned or did Israel do the warning? Tel Aviv said, "Discussion is too risky. All Israelis shut up!" But Netanyahu talks and talks, and gloats and gloats, and tells the whole world what to do because of what "the terrorists" (his people) did in London.

Four explosions, similar timed devices. One man could have done it. Translation: One of Netanyahu's boys did it.

In front of 2,500 functioning video cameras?

Did Netanyahu go it alone? Did his hormones push him to break ranks?

Ariel Sharon called Netanyahu shortly after the first bombing to see if he was ok. Sharon was not in the loop.

Netanyahu on all channels certainly sounded like he could not wait any longer for the "coalition" to invade Iran or Syria. He sounded desperate and lonely.

He was in better spirits after 9/11 when he said, "This is good . . ."

"A very bad mistake, Netanyahu. The Israelis are not supposed to strike inside Britain. Too close to home. And we have a deal with Scotland Yard. You broke it. They will not cover up for us anymore."

"9/11 was in the US, and that was fine, and Israel got it 'covered' by the media and the White House."

"Madrid was also fine, the Spanish police are not that good. Same for Turkey, Indonesia, Africa, Yemen, Beirut."

"But here in London? Are you out of your mind?"

I think Netanyahu is a loose cannon. Expect more of the sort.

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