Tuesday 19 July 2005

MI5 said bomber was not a threat

But they're still not holding an inquiry into what happened, even if you believe the horseshit official story, this is an obvious failure of MI5 and yet it's not being investigated! What the hell kind of incompetant government have we got in this country anyway? Or are they not incompetant at all? Did their plan work perfectly?

I'm sorry to say this dear reader but if you believe the official story then you're an idiot! I know you think I'm a paranoid conspiracy nut but whether you believe me or not is totally irrelevant, history will prove me right.

One of the London bombers was investigated by MI5 last year but was deemed not to be a threat, it has been revealed.

Mohammad Sidique Khan, 30, was subject to a routine assessment by the security service because of an indirect connection to an alleged terror plot.

He was one of hundreds investigated but not considered a risk.

It had previously been believed that the four bombers were unknown to British security services.

'Concentric circles'

Fifty-five people died in the London attacks, including the four bombers.

Khan, from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, killed himself and six other passengers in the Edgware Road bombing on the London underground.

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