Monday 18 July 2005

London Bombings: Cover Story Mutation Continues

by Kurt Nimmo

It should not come as a surprise Osama Nazir ratted out Shahzad Tanweer. Nazir, described as a “key al-Qaeda operative,” is locked up in Lahore, Pakistan, accused of killing Christians and participating in a failed attempt to assassinate Pervez Musharraf. Now we are told Shahzad Tanweer, supposedly one of the London “suicide bombers,” traveled to Pakistan to meet with Nazir. “Tanweer is believed to have visited a radical religious school, run by a banned Sunni Muslims militant group, while on a trip to Pakistan,” reports CTV (let’s not forget these “radical religious schools,” or madrassas, were funded by the CIA and Pakistan’s ISI). It makes perfect sense because Tanweer engaged in “relentless reading of the Quran and daily prayers became almost an obsession,” according to the Associated Press, and more important he was “withdrawn and increasingly angry over the war in Iraq.” Bingo! Here we have the perfect suicide bomber—a Muslim fanatic with an anger management problem. As for Osama Nazir, he will say whatever British intelligence want him to say—his Pakistani jailers are probably not feeding him Chicken Makhani, sipping tea, and playing Double Trumps with him. It’s no secret Pakistan has one of the worst human rights records in the world and political prisoners are routinely tortured.

Now we have Magdy el-Nashar, arrested in Egypt, who we are told is an al-Qaeda chemist. “El-Nashar, who studied at North Carolina State and Leeds University, was being interrogated by Egyptian authorities,” reports the Guardian, in other words they are torturing a confession out of him. “What we expect to find at some stage is that there is a clear al-Qaida link, a clear al-Qaida approach, because the four men who are dead, who we believe are the bombers, are in the category of foot soldiers,” Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair explained. No doubt, after el-Nashar’s testicles are shocked with a field telephone battery, he will provide the necessary background information on this “clear al-Qaida link.” Since forensic evidence is required to pedal the story el-Nashar served as an al-Qaeda chemist in Leeds, a “highly volatile explosive—acetone peroxide—has been discovered in a house in Leeds thought to have been used as a bomb-making factory,” according to the Scotsman. “The home-made explosives found in Leeds are similar to those used in other al-Qaida-linked attacks. They were also used by shoe-bomber Richard Reid.” I was under the impression Reid used a “very, very sophisticated” plastic explosive (PETN-based material), but now we are told acetone peroxide (or triacetone triperoxide) was used. “This is a shocking development in the sense that earlier ideas about commercial or military grade explosive being used in the bombs themselves would therefore seem to be wrong,” notes a “security source” quoted by the Scotsman. In other words, since it is dangerous for the cover story to have any link to military technology (and thus a link possibly leading back to military intelligence), a new story has emerged: an “al-Qaeda chemist” mixed up the explosives in a kitchen sink in the Burley area of Leeds (the explosive mix, as the Times Online tells us, is nicknamed Mother of Satan).

It is amazing how quickly details about the suspects (patsies) have emerged and how quickly the police have stacked up “evidence” against the conveniently dead and blasted to smithereens suspects, leading us to the conclusion al-Qaeda consists or rank amateurs. Magdy el-Nashar was on a security watch and yet “he was not put under surveillance, as he was not regarded as being of sufficiently high risk,” according to the Times Online. Meanwhile, in the United States, members of the innocuous Green Party are put on security risk lists at airports. Most of the London bombing cover story is riddled with holes you could drive a Mack truck through and yet our acquiescent corporate media never bothers to mention these problems or the highly suspicious tweaking of the story.

But never mind. Booga-booga. Rest assured the governments of Britian and the United States are dogged in their attempts to protect us from al-Qaeda terr’ists, never mind those terrorists were assembled, trained, and funded by the CIA, MI5 and MI6, and Pakistan’s ISI.

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