Thursday 14 July 2005

London Bombing: Ex-Mossad Chief Reveals Too Much?

Hmmmm, more interesting stuff coming out of Israel, I'll leave you to make your own mind up on this. I know you think I'm a kook and you're entitled to that opinion. But, if you really look at ALL the coverage and you look at history the conclusions speak for themselves. Qui bono? Ultimately Israel because ONLY Israel benefits from a campaign of hatred directed against Muslims. Did America benefit from invading Iraq? I think you'd have to be a bit of an Ostrich to answer yes to that question. Did Israel benefit from the invasion of Iraq? Hell yes they benefited!

I'm seeing pictures of the bombers with rucksacks on... Why weren't they wearing those suicide belts I've seen them showing on TV? I was suprised by the rucksack, something about it doesn't make sense, surely the belt thingy is a lot easier, less conspicuous and less hassle on the underground first thing in the morning. I know if I was planning something like that I'd choose the vest because it's easier to haul around. BUT what if the poor guy was just told to take the bag to somewhere and drop it off, doing a favour for someone, the thing's on a pre-set timer, little padlock on it so patsy can't get into the bag to see the explosives and BOOM! Perfect "suicide" boming and the bomber is a normal Muslim guy that did a favour for someone he knew...

These men were not extremists, they were ordinary British guys, they don't sound devoutly Muslim and by the sound of it they had no reason whatsoever to kill themselves. But instead of screaming RAT, the whole world is taking this as a sign of how insipid the Muslim threat has become, now it could be anyone so we should all be really scared and cc Tony in on all our email. Don't you see what they're doing? Don't you see that it all plays into their hands. The population here is in shock for the most part and they are believing the authorities because at the end of the day Blair is supposed to be keeping people safe. So the System presents lots of "concrete" evidence and the media spins a good yarn and people buy it and go about their daily live, shaken but not stirred. Except for one thing, the bloggers, not me because not many people read codshit (probably a good thing really) but a lot of other internet people are saying what I'm saying. As long as the information gets out, even if it takes a few months, the British people are not stupid and they categorically do not take any shit from their politicians.

All the collected data needs to get into the public domain, the media won't do it because it will show them up for the whores they are. So it's up to us, that's why I post these articles when I know not many people read them; maybe they will make a difference some where down the line. Doesn't really matter. Anyway, these bombings are the perfect psy-op, I bet they will put this in some dark textbook of dirty tricks in future years. Agree with me, or don't. It's up to you.

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How did ex-Mossad chief Efraim Halevy know that the London bombings were "multiple, simultaneous explosions" when he wrote his warmonger screed for the Jerusalem Post on July 7 -- the very same day of the London Bombing?

Did Halevi reveal too much operational knowledge?

"The multiple, simultaneous explosions that took place today on the London transportation system were the work of perpetrators who had an operational capacity of considerable scope," Halevy began.

Was he decribing an operation with which he was familiar - since it was not widely known that the bombs exploded "simultaneosly"?

Also, It was reported that Israeli officials were ordered not to make public comments on the London Bombing.

Then there is this troubling quote from Halevi, when he wrote --
"There was careful planning, intelligence gathering, and a sophisticated choice of timing as well as near-perfect execution."

"Near-perfect execution"?

How would Halevi know the bombings were executed "near-perfectly," and not "imperfectly" or "perfectly," -- on the same day of the attacks?

What were his criteria of "success"?

Did Halevi know what "perfect" execution should have entailed?

That comment opens up a Pandora's Box of possible explanations.

What does Halevi really know about the London Bombings?

Sharon obviously didn't muzzle Halevi in time.

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