Tuesday 19 July 2005

Joe Vialls Passed Away Today

A sad day indeed. Our thoughts are with his next of kin. Joe opened my eyes to a lot of things, I was never sure whether to believe him or not but he had the power of his convictions and some very interesting insider knowledge. I'd love to know more about his background. In case his site dies I've downloaded all of his reports so if you're ever loking for one you can't find let me know.

May the Great Spirit nurture and protect his soul for eternity.

It is with great sadness that I pass on to you the information that my friend Joe Vialls passed away suddenly and unexpectedly last night in Perth Western Australia after a period of illness.

His wife Marilyn rang me early this morning to tell me the sad news. I was very surprised as I talked to him only a few days ago and he said he felt a little better.
As we all know Joe made a large contribution to Internet Journalism, in an effort to reveal the truth that the media fails to print.

The irony is that about 5 years ago I suggested to Joe that he get onto the net. He replied ' what on earth would I do on the Internet'? The rest is history, he got on the net and found his place there.

Farewell Joe - at this very moment he's probably checking behind Gods throne to see if the Mossad are there!

We who knew him will miss him greatly.

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