Monday 25 July 2005

Jewish Musician Says London May Be Mossad False Flag

I think it's more likely that this was the Mossad (or a dark and disturbed faction within the Mossad) than it was anyone else. Israel gets its clash of civilisations and can use it as an excuse to further oppress the Palestinians. I think it was a French politician who referred to Israel as "that shitty little country" - spot on mate!

BUY THIS BOOK TODAY... IMMEDIATELY... NOW! CLICK HERE Gilad Atzmon, a London based musician and friend of Israel Shamir, has communicated this via email to some friends:

...The conclusion we can draw is clear. The real perpetrators of the underground bombing are still free, they are out there and they may attack again, but then who could they be?

It is very difficult to determine. Blair is trying to tell us that they must be Muslim fundamentalists, but in fact they can as well be just Arab nationalists. Thinking about it, isn't it fathomable that they could be far right British nationalists? The BNP was the first to say "didn't we warn you all about those Muslims?" But it goes further, as many informal commentators mentioned, we shouldn't exclude the possibility that some foreign intelligence services may be involved. Both Mossad and CIA are reasonable candidates. In the course of the years, Mossad made itself some serious reputation for its "false flag" operations. Why would the Mossad be interested in such a kill? Just because Zionism benefits from the emergence of the alleged "cultural clash" between the so-called "Judeo Christian" world and the Muslim one.

Cyte says: Good. Let's start talking about it. Maybe other non-Zionist Jews would be equally or even more forthcoming. Where are the whistleblowers when a confused world needs them?

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