Monday 11 July 2005

False flag over London

by John Leonard

July 8, 2005—Yesterday we saw a classic false flag attack in London, organized by western secret services to distract attention from the deepening political troubles of Bush and Blair, and perhaps even to create the pretext for war on Iran. Of course, Bush and his poll ratings have been sinking under scandals and rumblings of impeachment. Blair too has been badly hurt by the Downing Street memo.

For giving the lowdown on the London underground, I was roundly rebuked today, accused of disgracing the dead. Yet I was the one speaking out to avenge their honor, defending their memory from the bloodstain of abuse by the vultures of war. But no, the shocked sheeple flocked to march in ever tighter lockstep for their Vaterland, with each new Reichstag Firemeisterwerk casting a stronger spell. . . .

The G-8 conference was an ideal, high-profile venue to mobilize the sympathy of world leaders behind their flagging amateur B&B show. Today's Guy Fawkeses, home-team self-terrorists in the heart of empire, thumbed their noses at mortal fools while they played their favorite base-eleven numerology game, on this 7/7 date—following on Madrid 3/11 and New York 9/11, with its Flights 11 and 77.

Cui bono. Wall Street closed on an uptick.

So how can I be so sure? The war-profiteer clique are not all that inventive. False terror is the only trick they know. If they had any idea of governance or statecraft, they wouldn't need to stoop to these toxic tactics.

One of the classic trademarks of false flag terror was on display yesterday: the "previously unknown" organization posting anonymously on a website. Of course, western intelligence, using Echelon and such tools, could track any web posting back to its source. If it wanted to.

"Real" terrorists are known groups that make concrete demands. They are an endangered species, if not extinct.

Fake terrorists—covert psy-war units of western intelligence—always invent a name of an "unknown" group. They have to do this, of course. If they claimed, say, that the PLO did it, the accused would energetically deny it, spoiling the show. So they use fictitious identities, which they can mold to suit the target of convenience.

Yesterday's fiction was a "secret" group affiliated—oh how wonderfully convenient—with Al Qaeda and Al Zarqawi. Yet the state-owned BBC itself has established that Al Qaeda does not even exist, in its documentary film, "The Terror Myth." And just this week Dahr Jamail wrote of his trip to the town of Zarqa, on the trail of the fabled Zarqawi. The man's family believe he died years ago—no recent photos exist. Certain is only that the mythical Zarqawi's base of operations always pops up wherever the Americans want to attack—Fallujah, Samarra, where do you want to go tomorrow?

Some other dead giveaway signs:

* Scotland Yard warned Israeli Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu half an hour beforehand not to go to the bomb site, according to an AP wire from Jerusalem (a slip that was subsequently denied of course, but it was still up at Al Jazeera).
* An MSNBC translator says an error in a verse from the Quran in a statement by the "unknown" group couldn't have been made by Al Qaeda, and he thinks it's phony. Blair's proofreaders are falling down on their dossiers again . . . they ought to be belted or suspended.
* Train bombings like London 7/7and Madrid 3/11 are a speciality of NATO psy-war units. The expert on this since 1978 has been Webster Tarpley, who shows in his latest book, 9/11 Synthetic Terror, how the bombing of Bologna Stazione Centrale in 1980 by the so-called Red Brigades is of one cloth with the Madrid bombings. The supposed "communist terrorist" Red Brigades were phonies, a patsy outfit created by Lodge P2, the neofascist shadow government with Italy in its grip. The Madrid train bombing suspects were police agents, also run by a neo-fascist falange: as Tarpley notes, one suspect admitted he worked for the old guard, the Guardia Civil, Unidad Central Operativa.

# Another possible motive, says Tarpley, is that the war party want to push Bush into Iran, but America has no stomach for it. They need another 9/11 so they can occupy both the Iraqi and Iranian oil fields, and hold the world, all of us, to ransom.

War and rumors of war—reports of covert American commando operations against targets inside Iran have prepared the ground for war. A storm of anti-American sentiment was aroused, sweeping the elections against the reformers in favor of radical dark horse candidate Mahmoud Ahmadinejad—in turn paving the way to mobilize a war coalition against Iran. Failing that, he may replace Saddam as symbol of vilification while keeping Iran shackled by backward fundamentalism.

Tarpley's book has a chapter named "Islamic Fundamentalism: Fostered by U. S. Foreign Policy." It's a policy going back to the 19th century British Arab Bureau, crown purveyors of divide and conquer tactics, who hit on xenophobic fundamentalism as the tool to make the Arabs impossible partners for alliances with any of Britain's rivals.

"Poster boy" Osama bin Laden is only the latest product of this policy. Alternative writers in the West are quick to point out the demagogic effect his image has on Western publics. Few of them realize the deeply cynical obverse of the covert strategy: feeding the Arabs on the poison pills of false hopes in a terrorist hero.

Yet Arab admiration for Osama has remained platonic. Anthropologists long ago noted the Arab tendency to vent feelings in words rather than actions. Many Muslims felt bound to fight in Afghanistan against the atheist Soviet occupier, but the BBC's Terror Myth documentary recounts how bin Laden and Zawahiri utterly failed to mobilize real Arabs to the way of terrorism against innocent citizens. Tarpley adduces evidence that Zawahiri is probably bin Laden's handler from MI-6. Enter now the shadowy world of the alphabet agencies and their covert clients, the patsies and moles, who live a tunnel life, like the trains of London they have fed on this time.

O lovers of peace and opponents of war: never shall you see an end of calamities instigated by the war party, until the people see through the false flag trick. It is not in marching that wars are stopped, but by understanding.

We are working to bring out a new book that gives depth of historical background to this picture: The Nazi Hydra in America, currently online. It shows how the 1933 Reichstag fire, that most infamous false flag operation which catapulted the Bush-Harriman protégé, little Adolf Hitler, to power, was followed in 1934 by an attempted military putsch against FDR, launched by the Morgan interests—an episode that has been expunged from all schoolbooks. Yet if it had succeeded, with America and Germany both under Nazi control, the New World Fascist Order would have come into being 70 years ago.

They do not give up. They have time, money, and no project more captivating. They've been preparing the final putsch for at least a century, if not more.

Nor were they defeated in 1945. The postwar CIA and NSA are a Phoenix created from the ashes of Nazi assets. The enemy is within the gates.

Read, understand, and realize how bitter and lasting is the struggle against the corporatist hydra, which now lets show the true features behind that leering smiley face, as it grasps again for absolute world power.

John Leonard is the publisher of Webster Griffin Tarpley's "9/11 Synthetic Terror." It may be purchased from his website, Progressive Press. He also was editor and co-author of The War on Freedom (2002), the first exposé of 9/11 published in the United States.

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