Friday 29 July 2005

About Those Nuclear Attack Speculations

More rumours circulating about WMD terrorism and a subsequent invasion of Iran, let's hope that rumours are all they are...

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Some rumors eventually prove to be accurate foreknowledge. I hope that this one turns out to be silly paranoia spawned by someone (me) who gets too much email and worries too much!

We hear it every day from our government officials: “It’s not a matter of if, but when!” This phrase of course referrers to the domestic nuclear terrorism that our government tells us in inevitable. Naturally when our our government tells us this we have to respect their words. But when similar information is sourced to independent media the “conspiracy theory” tag is immediately applied. Let’s all hope that we can look back at this note and tag it as well meaning alarm and not as foreknowledge.

Before I fill you in on the information rumor mill regarding supposed upcoming nuclear terror let’s keep a few things in mind:

1. The US government is warning us that a nuclear terrorists attack is imminent. It is just a matter of time.
2. Nuclear weapons have only been manufactured by governments; with the US government being the most prolific producer.
3. The above 2 facts should lead you to realize that nuclear weapons do not get used without some kind of government involvement. Governments are the only entities that have the ability to manufacture nuclear weapons and they have always been in complete control of these weapons.
4. The fact is that no nuclear device has or will ever go off without the knowledge of at least one government that has a nuclear weapons program. We all know about the official nuclear capable nations and we all know that Israel is the unofficial nation to have nuclear capabilities. What is taking place, as was the case with Iraq, is that Iran is being set up as a nuclear threat in the event of a nuclear terror incident. Iran is not a nuclear WMD producer and if they were their technology would be so primitive that they would not be able to produce a small nuclear device that can be delivered by a terrorist. Nations do not jump from having no nuclear capabilities to producing the state of the art miniature nuclear devices. It just does not happen. Only the Soviet Union, the US and Israel would have that capability at this time. Perhaps some of the other nuclear nations can produce such devices but it is unlikely. What is surely unlikely is that Iran can produce them. Keep that in mind.

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