Thursday 9 June 2005

Bush and Blair Lie to the World again - Enough is Enough

I had to turn the Bush-Blair press conference off, it was making me ill. I agree completely with what Paul is saying in this article, his site is well worth a visit :-)

by DJ Paul Edge

Fetch Tony Fetch.... Good boy.... Yesterday, George Bush and Tony Blair LIED before the world again..Harry Truman once said of Richard Nixon, "He's one of the few in the history of this country to run for high office talking out of both sides of his mouth at the same time and lying out of both sides", but if ever a description was to be applied to Bush and Blair, this would be it.

How long is this going to go on? How long are these two war criminals going to be allowed to LIE repeatedly to the world before anything is done...? How long is it before society steps in and says no more lies, no more deaths of US Troops or Iraqi citizens for lies, no more destruction of the constitution and Bill of Rights for lies? How long is it before we say collectively enough and prosecute these lying war criminals with the blood of brave US and Coalition Troops and Iraqi civilians on their hands? How long is it before the American people start listening to great thinkers like Louis D. Brandeis "Our government teaches the whole people by its example. If the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy."

Enough, it is time to end this once and for all. Here is the overwhelming evidence that proves without any shadow of a doubt the validity of the Downing Street Document, here is the evidence that proves that Bush and Blair lied yesterday in their press conference.

The world waited to see of the media had the guts to bring up the Downing Street Document. Sure enough, on queue a reporter posed the following question....

Q Thank you, sir. On Iraq, the so-called Downing Street memo from July 2002 says intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy of removing Saddam through military action. Is this an accurate reflection of what happened? Could both of you respond?

Tony Blair responded first....

PRIME MINISTER BLAIR: Well, I can respond to that very easily. No, the facts were not being fixed in any shape or form at all. And let me remind you that that memorandum was written before we then went to the United Nations. Now, no one knows more intimately the discussions that we were conducting as two countries at the time than me. And the fact is we decided to go to the United Nations and went through that process, which resulted in the November 2002 United Nations resolution, to give a final chance to Saddam Hussein to comply with international law. He didn't do so. And that was the reason why we had to take military action.

But Mr Liar forgets he said the following prior to July 2002...Or as Abraham Lincoln once said " "No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar."

"We know they are trying to accumulate weapons of mass destruction."- Tony Blair, 3 March 2002, Channel 9 News, Australia

"That there is a threat from Saddam Hussein and the weapons of mass destruction that he has acquired is not in doubt at all."- Tony Blair, 11 March 2002.

"We know that he [Saddam Hussein] has stockpiles of major amounts of chemical and biological weapons, we know that he is trying to acquire nuclear
capability, we know that he is trying to develop ballistic missile capability of a greater range."- Tony Blair, 3 April 2002, NBC news

"There is a reason why weapons inspectors went in there and that is because we know he has been developing these weapons. We know that those weapons constitute a threat."- Tony Blair, 6 April 2002.

"Saddam Hussein's regime is despicable, he is developing weapons of mass destruction, and we cannot leave him doing so unchecked. He is a threat to his
own people and to the region and, if allowed to develop these weapons, a threat to us also."- Tony Blair, 10 April 2002, House of Common

"there is no doubt at all that the development of weapons of mass destruction by Saddam Hussein poses a severe threat not just to the region, but to the wider world.… He is a threat to his own people and to the region and, if allowed to develop these weapons, a threat to us also."- Tony Blair, 10 April 2002, House of Commons

Oh Tony...what a tangled web we weave. As for Dubya, well I am used to seeing that smirking idiot lie repeatedly, but for the record, here is his response...

And somebody said, well, you know, we had made up our mind to go to use military force to deal with Saddam. There's nothing farther from the truth.
My conversation with the Prime Minister was, how could we do this peacefully, what could we do. And this meeting, evidently, that took place in London happened before we even went to the United Nations -- or I went to the United Nations. And so it's -- look, both us of didn't want to use our military. Nobody wants to commit military into combat. It's the last option. The consequences of committing the military are -- are very difficult. The hardest things I do as the President is to try to comfort families who've lost a loved one in combat. It's the last option that the President must have -- and it's the last option I know my friend had, as well.

Ah George, you too are a LIAR..

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