Friday 22 April 2005

Why Was There Really A War?

Superb article! This author has hit the nail firmly on the head. Those lying cocksuckers LIED to start a WAR so that they could make loads or MONEY. Which is, by the way, how most of the wars in the last 300+ years were started. Rich fat greedy scum-fucks wanting more money and more power because they think it will make them feel better about themselves! At the end of the day they are all small insignificant specs of shit on the fabric of the universe, they just don't realise it.

The 911 links to Iraq were a myth. The WMD were a myth. The charges about uranium were out right lies. 'Spreading democracy' is about the forth rationalization, and as we can see the election was a failure, so why did we go there? Sunnis did not even participate in it. To top that off, Iraqi National Congress head Ahmad Chalabi is known criminal [i] . in Vanity Fair magazine's July issue Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz was quoted as saying ,' "For bureaucratic reasons, we settled on one issue, weapons of mass destruction, because it was the one reason everyone could agree on," [ii] So they knew along that they were 'dead wrong.' [iii] So, why did we go to war with Iraq ?

Operation Iraqi Liberation, which can be spelled OIL, has been said by many to be mainly about oil. That is one popular reason, but this is not the main reason. It certainly was a reason however. Some unthinking people will point to higher gas prices as proof that it was not about oil, as if a higher concentration of ownership leads to lower prices. Why would anyone think that a corporation would the interests of the public above the interests of its profits? Yes, oil was a reason but it was not the core moving force for the invasion.

Corporate profiteering is at an all time high, and there is no corporation as large as the military industrial complex. But even the bloated pentagon budget and pork projects for lobbyist PACs and cabinet members are not the main reason for the war. All these things were extra incentives for the crooks that run our government but not the main reason for the war. This was a driving force for the war but not the main one.

The stock market allows for a whole new loophole, a whole new concrete method for the ties between big business and government. All a politician has to do is pass legislation favorable to the companies s/he has stock in or works for to gain huge profits. This is just what has been done over and over, from Halliburton-KBR (after flunking out of college twice this the place where Dick Cheney went to work, has stock in, and is still on the payroll for.) getting no-bid contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan, to the lucrative Unocal contracts for a pipeline in Afghanistan which just so happened to be signed into law by a former Unocal employee, now President Hamid Karzai. On April 4th Chevron Announced it had an Agreement to Acquire Unocal [iv] This is interesting, considering that, our new Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice, was a manager at Chevron and still holds stock in the company. The new Secretary of State's corporate connection [v] has acquired Unocal [vi] , another energy company, how convenient.

Welcome to the Political profiteers, they aren't even trying to hide it anymore. For more on corporate political ties see open secrets. [vii] This has made our government up for rent. Still this was not the main reason; any war would work for this end, even a cold war. So why did we invade Iraq ?

Are we really fighting a global was against terror? Is that what the war was about? Hardly. The United States ' unconditional support of Israel is one of the main reasons for the attacks on 9/11. Osama mentioned this ongoing conflict with religious extremists (who are as wacky as himself,) thirty five times in his infamous 'letter to America , [viii] count it yourself. If you want to win a war on drugs then you have got to go after the causes of drug use, not just the users. If you don't want your nation attacked then start by stopping your attacks on other nations.

If you really want to stop terrorism then why don't we stop financing the Zionist bigots in Israel who are using US weapons, ironically named after American Indians, to do to a people exactly what the US did to the Indians, which was the greatest crime in all of history (Tomahawks, Blackhawk, Apache helicopters etc). Here in the US we do not study history we rationalize it, or sometimes we just lie about it.

Israel receives around ten million dollars a day from the United States . Most people do not know this and if they did, considering the current state of the economy and the unethical uses of the money, I am sure they would not want it sent there.

So what are the real reasons for this war, and the sending of this money? Answering this question is easy, all one has to do is look at who will profit the most, cui bono? Currently the bulk (75%) of the money sent to Israel must be spent on US weapons. The US arms industry is using the on going conflict to make more money.

The weapons industry is a business and like any other giant US corporation they are corrupt and care nothing about human rights or public welfare, they only care about profits. This is not simply a problem with accounting or confused CEOs. This is a problem with immoral people who have realized that the American capitalist system places profit over ethics. We are all suffering from the greed of upper class America . No industry is as dangerous as the weapons industry, because they are in the business of killing. A protracted war benefits arms and energy companies. These companies pay for political campaigns.

The anti-occupation forces in Iraq will never stop and why should they? This war is not winnable short of genocide. There is no legitimate reason for the US to be occupying another country. People should be in jail for the lies, or incorrect information, which has lead to the death of 100,000-120,000 Iraqi civilians and billions of dollars and over 1,540+ American lives. [ix]

Our fat cats get fatter and the religious flocks and blind patriots continue to support them because the only information they can get on the war is from our largely corporate-owned media. Some would say "Zionist media." Large corporations who do not give a damn about humanity or freedom run our country. But what about our role as Americans, what part of the blame do we share?

What we have here is larger than a problem with the government. We have a cultural problem. There was more than one reason for the war. Nevertheless, the main reason this could take place lies in our cultures own value system. It's time to stop pointing fingers and look in the mirror. There have always been people for and against war throughout history. A deeper question might be how do we ever convince thousands of absolute strangers to go kill each other? It is one thing to be attacked like Crazy Horse was attacked by Custer (where Crazy Horse defeated him.) But what about the people who were attacking, why did they risk their lives and for what? Why do we attack, how does any unjust war happen?

It's a combination of greed and manipulation. Then there is that ever present need for vicarious masculinity, which the chicken hawk feed on daily. The State becomes an extension of their ego. The war party takes glee in saying they will kick our enemies' asses. "Ah we should just 'nuke them, or make a nice lake". I have actually heard these phrases spoken by grown adults. These were not stupid people either. I am talking about business men who just get frustrated and want that oh so quick and satisfying answer of blowing the hell out of people, you know, showing them who is boss. I call it " feel good macho-ism. "

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