Friday 1 April 2005

Veterans Group Calls on Congress to Impeach George W. Bush and Richard Cheney

Can we add Blair the Deceiver to this list as well? Seriously, I want to see Tony, Dick, George, Jack, Geoff and all of those FASCISTS in orange jumpsuits being ferried around gitmo on one of the wheelie-stretchers they have. A few of those "definitely not torture" stress positions and I'm sure they'd admit to anything afterwards, including the truth that they are all lying suckers-of-the-corporate-cock. They are good little bitches, but they are not OUR good little bitches like they're supposed to be, their leash is being held by someone else entirely. Let them have a taste of their own medicine and see how much they like it. The only threat to us is from them, the only "terrorists" are them and their mates because they're the ones trying to terrorise us with all this fake WMD crap, if you can't see that then you're blind and/or really stoopid - not to mention indirectly responsible for crimes against humanity!

A national veterans’ organization called for the removal of President George W. Bush and Vice-President Richard Cheney for crimes the group charges were committed during the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

In a letter sent to each member of the US House and Senate, Veterans For Peace (VFP) stated that “...This administration’s war on Iraq, in addition to being increasingly unpopular among Americans, is an unmistakable violation of our Constitution and federal law which you have sworn to uphold. In our system, the remedy for such high crimes is clear: this administration must be impeached.”

David Cline, a decorated Vietnam War combat veteran and VFP president, said in a prepared statement to the press, "We do not make this call lightly and as former members of the US armed forces, we take our responsibilities as citizens very seriously. For that reason we believe that when our government conducts a war of aggression on Iraq and commits a growing and appalling series of what must legally be considered war crimes and crimes against humanity in the execution of that war, it violates Article VI of the US Constitution, the War Crimes Act of 1996 (18 U.S.C. § 2441), and numerous international treaties which are legally binding on our nation."

Cline continued, "We are not the first group to call for impeachment. We have decided to add our voice to the call. All the reasons given for the invasion have shown themselves to be half-truths or misleading. The conflict continues to drag on taking the lives of our soldiers and innocent Iraqis. It is clear that George Bush does not intend to change course in an effort to right this great wrong. He has had enough time in his second term to begin a shift and he has not. It is time to remove him from office."

Veterans For Peace is seeking individual and organizational supporters to work jointly on the effort to impeach the resident.

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