Friday 11 February 2005

Bush Is Leading America Into War and Disaster

Not just America, but if we're not careful those fundi "Christian" fukwits will lead us all into war and disaster. Just so they can realise how wrong they were - as they get vapourised with the rest of us! Super...

by Sam Hamod

Once again, America is threatening world peace in a myriad of ways. First, the Bush team is going after Dr. Mohammad Al Baradi, the respected head of the IAEA, trying to oust him as head of the UN Nuclear Inspection Program. Everyone in the world respects Dr. Al Baradi, his integrity, his forthright statements and his knowledge of the nuclear development field; everyone, that is, except for the Bush team. Of course, the Bush team disrespects anyone who questions them or disagrees with them. Dr. Al Baradi is a man of integrity, and he will not give an inch to political or financial pressure. This is something the Bush group dislikes, mightily.

This is the same strategy they used to bypass Dr. Hans Blix when he worked for the UN as a weapons and WMD inspector. Blix said they had worked very hard but found no WMDs in Iraq. Bush wanted a definitive answer immediately, When Blix said they would need another month to wrap up their search, Bush went to war, in order to obviate the truth that he didn’t want the world to know. As we know now, and many suspected before Bush’s illegal invasion of Iraq, that was not sanctioned by the UN, there were no WMDs in Iraq until we invaded. There are now WMDs in Iraq, American WMDs, which include some new Depleted Uranium weapons and some new microwave killing devices that are most cruel and terrible in their killing ability.

Now, with Iran, though Dr. Al Baradi and the EU feel progress is being made in showing that there is no bomb making nuclear work in Iran, Bush wants to rid the UN of Al Baradi in order to put one of his stooges into that seat, then to have a stooge who will justify one his “pre-emptive attacks” on Iran.

While he is working at the UN to replace Al Baradi, at the same time, his Mistress of State, Conde Rice, is “warning Iran” to accede to American demands to quit its “nuclear bomb making”. Iran can’t stop doing that, because Iran is not making bombs –this from the IAEA and the EU inspectors! She is also trying to strong -arm European leaders into joining the Bush intimidation game against Iran. Aside from America, the only other countries in the world who believe this nonsense, and are helping to perpetrate these lies are Britain (with Tony Blair, the lapdog in Bush’s hand) and Israel, which wants to dominate the Middle East and wants Iran out of the way. The EU leadership has sent inspectors along with Dr. Al Baradi and they have all come back with the same report, “There is no work on nuclear weapons going on in Iran.”

The French Foreign Minister, H. E. Michel Barnier, at a joint news conference with Rice, said, in a clash with Rice’s ideas of pushing the UN into military action, that France and the other leaders in the EU prefer to use the ongoing diplomacy and not the threat or the act of military action to resolve any problems, In response to Rice and Bush’s threats,
Iranian leaders, both among the conservative Ayatollahs and the liberal leaning President Khatami, said they would unite for the sake of Iran and its sovereignty, and would not tolerate an American or Israeli attack on their country. This was echoed in street demonstrations in parts of Iran (something not reported by the American major media).

This Bush/Rice scenario and the lack of verifiable evidence has echoes of Iraq before the Bush invasion. He insisted there were WMDs in Iraq, everyone else said, “No, the sanctions have worked, no one has any proof.” Then Bush sent in his liars to the UN and elsewhere, with evidence they knew was made up of lies and exaggerations. Colin Powell destroyed his integrity to support Bush, lied and pushed the world to war with bogus statements of threats that didn’t exist. Then, before the stories could be checked out either by our Congress or the UN, Bush hurriedly went to war before anyone could stop him. Of course, we are now reaping what we have sown in Iraq.

All of us who know the Middle East know these things to be true. What is interesting is that Mistress of State, Conde Rice thinks that her smile and her show of friendship with Europe a few days ago, will stand up now that she has started to “scold” European leaders for not jumping on board the sinking Bush campaign in Iraq and in his newly desired campaign against Iran. She hopes that no one will have time to think about his failings in Iraq, Afghanistan or in saving the American economy (while he tries to destroy, not change, Social Security and other safety nets that Roosevelt and others helped set up for American citizens. I bring this up, because it is the same slight of hand Orwell talked about, “always create an external enemy so that you may take away rights from within, to take more control of your nation.”)

But chickenhawk, AWOL, GW Bush, is anxious to keep up his rhetoric of being a “war president”; he feels he will be able to get whatever he wants in “time of war.” I think it is time the Congress stood up before Bush goes any further. Of course, the American Congress has shown itself to be cowardly and weak in the knees. If the Congress doesn’t stand up now, they will be complicit in this new war that Bush wants to wage. Because of their stupidity the last time around with the Iraq situation, they are already complicit and guity of war crimes from that misadvernture.

Unfortunately, I don’t look for the Democrats to do much except squeal their assent with the Republocrat Joe Lieberman leading the charge, being assisted with Israel firster Tom Lantos, supported by King, Schumer and the rest of the pro-Israeli gang which supercedes being a Democrat or Republican. Their battle cry, like that of Wolfowitz, Feith, Cheney, Perle, Kristol and Rumsfeld is, “Israel first,” and “down the tubes with Iran.”

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