Tuesday 4 January 2005

Many Governments knew but did nothing to evacuate coastal areas – global conspiracy, UFO threats or concerted failure?

Does this support the theory by Joe Vialls?

Now it is slowly coming out that almost all the Governments affected by the Tsunami knew about the earthquake and possible Tsunami hours before their countries were hit. by the killer tidal waves. The only local Government that did not have a chance to react or evacuate was in Sumatra and Andaman Nicobar islands.

Based on the analysis of the time sequence in which these Governments received information and failed or decided not to act is alarming. In Sri Lanka, India, Maldives and Thailand rumors in the main street are rampant that their respective Governments were told not to act by someone or some entity.

Indian Military, for example, clearly got the information two hours before the Tsunami hit the India's mainland. An Indian Air Force base was wiped out in Andaman Nicobar island near Sumatra close to the epicenter if the earthquake two hours before the Tsunami hit the mainland India. When Indian Military tried to inform the Government, the Government did nothing as if they did not hear.

Same story is being repeated in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Maldives. How can all the countries decide to let Tsunami come and not evacuate a single human being?

Some are concluding that the Governments knew of some experiments by some country, agency or entities. They were clearly told not to react because it was in a controlled environment. Or, they may have just asked to keep quiet.

Recent alien contacts have been reported with the South Asian Governments especially India. UFO sightings have been rampant over the region affected. Some in Nicobar Island say that it was an experiment conducted by the alien extra-terrestrial entities to correct the wobbly rotation of the earth. And some of the Indian scientists are actually seeing that wobbly rotation of the earth has been corrected since the massive underwater earthquake and Tsunami.

In Indian capital of New Delhi, faxes were being sent to wrong fax numbers so that nothing much is done even though the Government clearly knew about the coming Tsunami. People have started asking the question - was this utter failure or global conspiracy to accommodate some entity or interest or was this for the good of the earth?

If this was an utter failure, how do you justify that all six Governments failed separately in their own domain one by one.

According to some extraterrestrial UFO observers, the UFO sightings before the earthquake and Tsunami were very unusual in that part of the world. They claim the world's Governments were told not to act for some reason.

The most amazing thing is that United States Geological Survey and Ocean Monitoring agencies came to know about the Tsunhe Tsunami and earthquake but decided not to do anything. Well it seems the whole world decided to fail to do anything together at the same time. Are we missing something?

Can it be that all the Government Agencies knew what was happening but were told not to do anything? Who told them? Or is this just a tragic coincidence?

In Thailand, some in the Government said they decided not to act because it would just scare people. Really? Are we not supposed to get scared of scary things?

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