Monday 31 January 2005

It must be me, I'm the crazy one!

The American colonists rose up against the British for less injustice than is being inflicted on them by Bush and his cronies.

by Leon Fisher

Well, I guess I still don't get it! After almost forty years of following US foreign policy -- which included the Cuban missile crisis and Bay of Pigs, Vietnam, the Iranian hostage crisis, Desert Storm I, Kosovo, and numerous other coups, proxy wars, and interventions around the World -- I still can't figure out what good any of this has been for the average American.

Unlike a great many of my fellow Americans, who appear to be quite comfortable with whatever nonsense they are told by our glorious leaders, I'm sorry, but I'm not buying any of it.

My attitude, of course, what with everyone you see waving flags and putting ribbons on their SUV's, is not very popular lately. And what's worse is the frustration of trying to convince the faithful supporters of the present crowd in Washington that America is indeed well on its way to its latest foreign policy debacle.

I am beginning to realize what is happening to me. I must be suffering from some mental illness, as I find myself becoming totally outraged at the actions of those who (I believe in my warped mind) have stolen the Government of the People, and replaced it with some sort of corporate, fascist dictatorship, American style.

Yes, that has to be it, mental illness.

When most of my friends and neighbors see things contrary to how I see them, it must be a form of dementia I am suffering from. The President has warned the faithful about people such as myself, who believe the wildest conspiracy theories. Imagine, being so sick as to suspect our own freely elected leaders planned the attacks of 9/11 to advance their agenda, to seize by military means the energy resources of the World! Absolutely insane -- it sounds like something out of a James Bond movie.

I will soon have to seek help, as not even football can distract me from my insane fantasy ...

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