Thursday 20 January 2005

Iraq Abuse Pictures

The squaddies involved should NOT be the ones on trial! Your basic soldier doesn't take a crap without getting an order so it is their superiors, INCLUDING TONY "The Warmonger" BLAIR, who should be on trial for putting the troops into Iraq ILLEGALLY and allowing this sort of abuse to happen in the first place by ORDERING THEM TO DO IT. These images are sick, pornographic and disturbing but they shame us all so the least we can do is look at them because this shit is being done in our names! This is not a symptom of a "few rotten apples" this is a systemic problem in a society which is corrupt, violent, heartless, cruel and rotten to the fucking core!


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Lance Corporal Cooley driving fork lift truck with an Iraqi detainee tied to it.

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Corporal Kenyon (r) leaning over an Iraqi detainee.

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Iraqi detainees forced by British soldiers to "simulate" sexual acts.

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Iraqi detainees being forced to "simulate" sexual acts.

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Iraqi detainees during "simulated" oral sex.

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Iraqi detainees "simulating" sexual acts.

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Lance Corporal Larkin standing on an Iraqi detainee while Corporal Kenyon takes a photograph.

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A soldier "simulating" kicking an Iraqi detainee lying in a patch of water.

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An Iraqi detainee bound in netting.

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Lance Corporal Cooley "simulating" a punch to

The Chain of Command

Prime Minister Tony Blair
Tony Blair, who has suffered a serious backlash over taking Britain to war, yesterday condemned as "shocking and appalling" the photographs of alleged abuse by British troops.

Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon
Has yet to make any statement.

General Sir Mike Jackson
Chief of the General Staff (head of the Army). Had overview of the Iraq military operation, but control on the ground was left to Air Marshal Burridge. General Jackson said on Tuesday he "utterly condemned" all abuse.

Air Marshal Brian Burridge
UK commander in Iraq. In control of 45,000 UK forces. Based at US Central Command HQ. Ex-Nimrod pilot has since been promoted to Air Chief Marshal.

Chief of Staff Major-General Peter Wall
Chief of Staff to Air Marshal Burridge, he was in charge of battle strategy in Iraq, directing operations, including those undertaken by the Fusiliers. He would not have been expected to be involved in the day to day running of units.

Major-General Robin Brims
Commander of the UK Ground Forces in Iraq, consisting of 16 Air Assault Brigade, 3 Commando Brigade, and 7 Armoured Brigade. Later awarded a DSO.

16 Air Assault Brigade: 6,000-strong. Based in Colchester. Aviation and parachute capabilities.

3 Commando Brigade: 3,500-strong. Fighting force of the Royal Navy. Trained for combat in extreme conditions

7 Armoured Brigade: Desert Rats, commanded by Brigadier Graham Binns. Part of 1 UK Armoured Division, 17,000-strong in Iraq.

Lt Col David Paterson
Senior officer in the 7th Armoured Brigade, in charge of the 1st Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. Reportedly approved Major Taylor's Operation Ali Baba to tackle looters. Awarded an OBE after Iraq war.

Major Dan Taylor: Assigned to the humanitarian aid camp Camp Bread Basket near Basra. Under his command, 100 British soldiers set out to capture looters to "work them hard". Court martial heard operation apparently breached the Geneva Convention. Due to give evidence today.

Lance Cpl Darren Larkin: Aged 30 from Oldham. Admits one charge of assaulting an Iraqi civilian and denies another of forcing two Iraqi males to undress.

Lance Cpl Mark Cooley: Aged 25 from Newcastle upon Tyne. Faces two counts of conduct to the prejudice of good order and military discipline and a further charge of disgraceful conduct.

Cpl Daniel Kenyon: Aged 33, from Newcastle upon Tyne, faces total of six charges. Among them is the charge that he allegedly forced two Iraqis to strip and simulate sex acts.