Tuesday 26 October 2004

British Agents Engineered Capture Of Care International’s Margaret Hassan

Make up your own mind about this story, but this explanation makes a lot more sense to me than the one about Iraqi insurgents kidnapping someone who is both an Iraqi and has been doing nothing but helping the Iraqi people for decades. Her kidnapping does the Iraqi resistence no favours but it sure as hell helped out Phony Tony when he needed it. Given what happened to David Kelly I wouldn't put anything past our illustrious Prime Monster.

JUS [jihadunspun.com - Ewar] has learned from reliable sources close to the Mujahideen in Iraq that the kidnapping of Margaret Hassan is a operation concocted by British agents inside the country in conjunction with Margaret’s husband, in an effort to divert attention away from the American request for British troop deployment into the volatile area of Latifiyah – a move that has struck a raw nerve with the British public.

No group has claimed responsibility for Hassan capture. The 59 year old director of CARE international in Iraq was taken captive on her way to work on October 19, 2004 in a picture perfect operation. A videotape issued Oct. 22 and aired by Al-Jazeera showed her pleading for Britain to withdraw troops from Iraq.

What was curious from the beginning was the amount of details that husband Tahseen Ali Hassan was telling reporters about his wife’s capture just a few short hours after the incident and while authorities where still unclear what had taken place. To have obtained in-depth details so quickly of the events that actually took place raised suspicions about who was behind Hassan’s capture early on.

Sunni clerics who have been heading up the resistance in Fallujah has said previously that they were not responsible Hassan’s kidnapping and were calling for her release. Of the 150 foreigners captured by Mujahideen, few have been women with most being released and none have been killed, unlike the males who have been swiftly executed. Women are enjoined with special privileges in Islam and the Mujahideen are required to protect them under Shariah laws of Islam. This was also a tell tale sign from the start.

With Tony Blair facing increased pressure from the public, focusing Britain’s attention on the Hassan capture is a perfect political strategy to subdue the publics concern over the high risk of the Latifiyah deployment.

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