Wednesday 8 September 2004

Rothschild-British Intel Alliance Behind Chechen Terror?

by Henry Makow

Recent events reflect a battle that could derail the Rothschilds' plan for a Third World War by 2012, according to British-based intelligence analyst Tim Rifat.

The Rothschilds temporarily have lost control of both Russia and the United States.

In the case of Russia, Rifat says recent Chechen terrorist attacks on two airliners and a school were designed to punish and undermine Vladimir Putin for his interference with Rothschild oil giant Yukos.

Putin has banished a number of "oligarchs" and seized their assets. According to Rifat, the oligarchs are all Rothschild fronts.

Rifat says the British government and MI-6 are under Rothschild control and financing Chechen resistance. He predicts Putin will be assassinated within two years.

In June 2004, Russian General Leonid Ivashov was quoted as saying:

"A terrorist network whose purpose is to undermine Russia is organized and coordinated from London. There, under the wing of British intelligence, thrive the world's most radical Islamic terrorist organizations, such as the "Islamic Liberation Party", the "Worldwide Islamic Front", the "Defenders of Shariat", the "Mukhadjiri" movement, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and others. I've named only those organizations which are forbidden in the majority of Islamic countries. In London also are located the nerve centers of Chechen terrorism along with the bank accounts of the terrorists."

In a statement Saturday Putin said some foes wanted to tear off parts of Russia, and others were helping them.

"They help, supposing that Russia - as one of the greatest nuclear powers - still poses a threat to them. So they have to get rid of that threat."

Akhmed Zakayev, a special envoy to Chechen separatist leader Aslan Maskhadov has said that "a third force that brought Russian President Vladimir Putin to power" is behind all the terrorist attacks committed in Russia over the past two weeks. London-based Zakayev said this in an exclusive interview with the Caucasus Times newspaper, printed in Prague, Czech Republic.

In the USA, Dick Cheney and the Joint Chiefs are behind U.S. defiance of the Rothschild agenda. This explains the investigation of Ahmed Chalabi and Pentagon analyst Larry Franklin for passing secrets to Iran and Israel respectively. Both men are part of the Neo-Con Rothschild Zionist apparatus in Washington and their treatment sends a message to their superiors, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Eliot Abrams and Paul Wolfowitz.

Georgia Democratic Senator Zell Miller's unusual address to the Republican National Convention can be seen in this context. He accused John Kerry of compromising American sovereignty by deferring to the [Rothschild-controlled]United Nations.

Rifat says that if the Bushies are re-elected, the NeoCons could be in trouble. Thus the Rothschilds' Number One Priority is to elect John Kerry in November and there is no telling what they may do.

If they were willing to sabotage planes and take children hostage to undermine Vladimir Putin, what mayhem would they cause to weaken George Bush? Mossad agents have been arrested in a variety of suspicious cases in the US.

Or might they use surging oil prices or a dollar decline as an excuse to crash the stock market ? Remember what happened to the US economy in 1992 after Bush's father demurred on Israeli loan guarantees.

The Rothschild-owned US TV networks will pull out all stops to get Kerry elected while trying to appear impartial. On Wednesday the NBC nightly news showed film clips which caught Dick Cheney lying when he denied he had ever claimed Sadaam Hussein was involved with Al Queda. Such enterprise on the part of the networks is rare and has a political purpose.

Rifat believes that if Bush gets elected, the US will attack Iran as soon as next year. He says Kerry's mission is to give Iran time to prepare for a global nuclear war, designed to destroy the U.S., Iran and Israel. So while the immediate outcome of a Kerry victory will be a few more years of peace, the ultimate result will be disastrous for the U.S.

Similarly he believes Israelis are being set up for destruction by the Rothschilds who are not really their friends. He claims the Rothschilds gave suitcase nuclear weapons to the Iranians.

Rifat says Cheney-Bush represents a US-based elite's global hegemony while Kerry represents Rothschild-UK-EU hegemony. If we believe him, and that's a big IF, patriots may have to hold their nose and vote for George W. Bush.

The globalists operate like the Mafia. Rivalries develop as different families and alliances jockey for supremacy.

Rifat is a veteran Rothschild watcher. He is also a leading expert in "remote viewing" mind reading and clairvoyant skills that apparently are related to the occult and of great interest to intelligence agencies.

I am not endorsing his views but offering them as a possible explanation for recent and future events. Rifat is definitely unique. He says MI-5 is trying to kill him using microwave beams. He rejected their offer of employment. He calls England a "slave state" and says the elite is saturated with satanism.

It's possible he's on a mission to create support for Bush by pretending the Rothschilds are opposed to Bush. But I tend to listen to people like Rifat (or at least reserve judgment) until they disappoint me. His vision makes sense and is consistent with my other research. He seems to be genuinely courageous and dedicated to humanity. Make up your own mind.

I differ from Rifat in that I am not sure Iran will be manipulated into posing a real threat to the U.S. or anyone else. The problem the US faces is, having removed Sadaam Hussein, it cannot leave Iraq without seeing it taken over by pro-Iranian factions. I would like to see the US make an accomodation with Iran but that is not likely as long as it pursues a policy of aggression.

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