Thursday 1 July 2004

Dick Cheney, one small and evil man

You just know that Cheney is the one really calling the shots, do you really think that POTUS can even figure the sports results out for himself? I don't think so! The one that really worries me is all the reports a couple of years ago of blasting happening under the veep's official residence...

Jeez Dick, your contempt and disdain for America shines on your face like a Las Vegas neon sign at night under a new moon. Your disregard for our laws and Constitution, our open and public form of government, our American allegiance to freedom and liberty, is the evil glow of your secretive demeanor.

You seem to prefer the clandestine collaborations of seditious men that mean America no good. You ladle vicious assault on a compliant American press, all the while using their misplaced loyalties as the manipulative means for waging illegal war. You profess a disassociation from your former employer, yet you still collect their paychecks. You insured this continuing benefit by using your position as Vice President to grease the wheels of military procurement and guarantee that Halliburton was the sole recipient of “no-bid” government contracts. On a growing list of crimes that are a clear violation of your oath of office, we’ll add graft. That is what they call your services for Halliburton, while in elected public office. Yet you scream “foul” and “fuck off” to a U.S. Senator for calling you on your criminal behavior.

Jeez Dick, you arrogantly smirk at America while taking Antonin Scalia on a duck hunting trip at public expense ... and America is to believe you are not peddling influence? That the draconian Scalia would not recuse himself from Supreme Court deliberations concerning you is no surprise at all. You wheel and deal influence and manipulate our government process, and that makes you proud.

Jeez Dick, your cavalier sacrifice of honorable young Americans stands as stark testament to your complete lack of human compassion. How about you tell America what really transpired in your infamous secret energy policy committee. Who was giving advice ... and what advice did they offer? Your desire to wage war on Iraq is public record, so it’s easy to suspect that your energy policy committee was a secret war plans committee. This is America, and we the people have every right to know exactly, what in the hell is going on.

Jeez Dick, America has a long and proud history of rejecting the “because I said so” premise. America has a long and proud history of questioning authority. America was founded on ideals like these. King George III got his butt handed back to him for being dictatorial to Americans. What leads you to believe that you won’t get your butt handed back to you? Getting your butt handed back to you, Dick, is the least of your worries. An impeachment trial and a trip to the Hague are in your cards.

Jeez Dick, do you really think that you can sidestep the accountability process? It’s a Biblical concept called, “you shall reap that which you sow.” Or in the everyday vernacular, it’s karma. You have some seriously heavy karma headed your direction, so let’s get Biblical one more time. “The blood of the innocents drips from your hands, the slain cry out for vengeance... how long oh Lord, must we wait?”

Jeez Dick, your time may be just about up.

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