Monday 14 June 2004

The Explosion of the 9-11 Truth Movement

U.S. Media's Dirty Little Secret

A mass movement and a mountain of disturbing evidence has been growing beneath the radar of U.S. media. The U.S. media (including alternative media) has done an extraordinarily superhuman job of "hearing" "seeing" and "speaking no evil." However, almost immediately after 9-11-2001's horrendous attacks on New York and Washington D.C., many researchers, ordinary citizens, and journalists [who've been given precious little print in U.S. papers or TV] began to smell something rotten . . . not in Denmark . . . but rather, right here in the good ol' US of A.

This movement's early roots began when many people scratched their heads in wonder at "how 4 commercial jet liners could fly hijacked for nearly an hour and a half the morning of 9-11, without any Air Force fighter interceptor jets turning a wheel until it was too late," as stated by acclaimed Canadian TV journalist, Barry Zwicker. Zwicker's powerful documentary "The Great Deception," which suggests top Bush Admin. officials were likely complicit in the 9-11 attacks, aired on Canada's Vision TV network which is viewed by millions of Canadians. Unfortunately Americans in the U.S. have been "protected" from viewing this critical documentary.

Researchers, like Zwicker and others, quickly learned that in 2001 before the 9-11 attacks 62 aircraft had been intercepted by Air Force fighter interceptor jets, and usually within 10 to 15 minutes of going off course. [] Yet bizarrely, on 9-11 four commercial jets were hijacked off course for about one and a half hours before the last one crashed into the most highly protected building in the world (the Pentagon). . . yet no interceptor jet intercepted it in all that time. Alarm bells went off with citizens across the U.S. and the world. A number of people including former NYPD detective, Frank Serpico (played by Al Pacino in the movie about his life as an NYPD whistleblower exposing corruption at the New York Police Department), began to express a suspicion of the "official 9-11 story" during a whistleblower awards ceremony nationally televised on C-SPAN.

Then other issues came to light regarding 9-11, and foreknowledge of the attacks. For example, a former Los Angeles Police Detective named Michael Ruppert noted that outrageously high volumes of insider trading on United and American Airlines stocks prior to 9-11, (reported on by CBS, Bloomberg and other financial papers) actually had some strange ties to the Central Intelligence Agency. 9/11-related insider trading was worldwide. It occurred on markets in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Chicago, New York, London and Berlin. Estimates of the total amount of insider trades have ranged from the hundred of millions (CBS), to the billions (Ernst Weltke – Chief of the Bundesbank), to the tens of billions (Andreas von Bülow, former German cabinet minister).

But some of the "put" options purchased on United and American airlines inside the US caught Ruppert's attention. "Put Options" are bets one can make AGAINST a stock, betting that it will fall.

As Ruppert quickly noted, in one known case, a large number of "put" options were placed through the Alex Brown or (AB Brown) Unit of Deutschebank. Ruppert recalled that AB Brown had been chaired until he became the Executive Director (No. 3) at the CIA in 1998, by A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard.

AB Brown and Deutschebank have a history of being connected with covert operations and money laundering. In fact had, they had just been investigated by Senator Levin's committee on Correspondent Banking and mentioned in Department of Justice investigations. So, it begs the question, if you were an Arab terrorist who wanted to cash in on your foreknowledge of the next days' attacks using United and American Airlines stock, would you go to a known CIA connected bank to do it? --especially, if you knew, as Ruppert had previously documented, that the CIA tracks all stock trades in real time? Probably not.

One $2.5 million trade, made through AB Brown by a late-comer went unclaimed after 9-11 when the markets were closed for four days. By that time alarms over the insider trades were sounding all over, even on CBS News. Most of the smarter crooks had absconded with their money by exercising their put options while the attacks were taking place through offshore accounts.

The head of AB Brown, Mayo Shattuck III, who is a close friend and associate of Krongard, resigned the day after 9-11-2001 without anyone except Ruppert connecting the dots. To this day the Bush Administration has not told us who made those insider trades or why the head of AB Brown resigned on 9-12-2001.

Other stories from foreign press began to be read by a growing number of Americans who realized quickly that they had to read foreign press to get to the ugly facts around 9-11. A conservative French newspaper, La Figaro, reported an incredible fact, that the CIA station chief in Dubai had met with Osama Bin Laden weeks before the 9-11 attacks as Osama was being treated at a U.S. Army hospital in Dubai. Yet, even though Osama was on the CIA most wanted list, the CIA station chief did not only NOT arrest him, but met with him and then reportedly went back to the U.S. for high level meetings in Washington following his meeting with Osama. Even more bizarrely alarming facts surfaced such as the article in a prominent Indian newspaper reporting that the hijacker mastermind of 9-11, Mohammed Atta, had been wired $100,000.00 by the head of Pakistani Intelligence weeks before 9-11, who oddly enough was in Washington meeting with top Bush Admin. officials ON 9-11-2001.

Although none of these bizarre facts raised any hairs in the U.S. media corps, a corps which had done such an "outstanding" job ferreting out the truth on the weapons of mass destruction issue before the ill fated war on Iraq, these facts WERE disturbing to many other Americans. Some Americans were able to see through the endless media fixation on celebrities and their endless foibles, and these vigilant Americans were looking deep, long and hard at the above facts and the more they saw the more alarming it became.

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