Friday 25 June 2004

The Deepening Darkness

US-Israeli Mercenaries Pose As al-Qaeda And Carry Out Staged Beheadings

It's truly saddening - and frightening - to see so many people from the 9/11 truth movement and the nominally intelligent sectors of American society duped by the new government fairy tales that Americans Nick Berg and Paul Johnson and Korean Kim Sun-il were beheaded by al-Qaeda terrorists when in fact the perpetrators were international mercenaries who draw their paychecks from the subterranean murder bureau run by the United States Central Intelligence Agency, Israel's Mossad and the hired henchmen of morally bankrupt and Bush-connected Saudi Arabian royalty.

Now that Ashcroft's fake terror alerts within the U.S. fail to draw even a ripple of attention - except for honest intelligence analysts who quickly debunk them as calculated fantasy - the forces of evil run by Dick Cheney and his Soviet-style hit men within the Bush administration have resorted to actual grisly performances of preposterous violence overseas in clumsy attempts to deflect attention from embarrassing news on the homefront and build a case for their incipient invasion of oil fields in eastern Saudi Arabia as their brutal rape of Iraq continues unabated.

But as usual Americans are kept in the dark by their mindlocked mainstream media, surely more warped than the state-controlled Soviet press ever was, and are spoonfed magical tales of evil al-Qaeda deeds from newsrooms that have CIA censors coordinating their vomitous expectorations.

With its questionable video sequences and lack of amputation blood spurts, Berg's mutilation has already been largely debunked as a depraved videodrama filmed inside Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison, the crowning achievement of a brief but continuing era of perversion in that notorious prison that already has many in Washington whispering about charges of treason against President Bush for approving torture policies that violate all manner of international law, including recently passed U.S. statutes.

Johnson's dramatic demise was less visible and more circumspect, but the prompt annihilation of his supposed killers - all claimed to be important cogs in Arabia's squadron of al-Qaeda terrorists - simply disintegrates credulity, especially because the corpse of their victim was not immediately produced. It was a handy way of stifling further inquiries into the matter, and a handy way for Western petroleum interests to rid themselves of those it perceives to be its enemies. The only way this information and action could have unfolded the way it did was if the neocons had a mole on the inside of the operation, which of course they did, since they were running the operation.

The beheading of the Korean contract worker was, like the other two, a public relations gambit primarily designed to cover up more bad news for Bush.

Consider the sequence: Berg's killing took public focus off the pornographic prison scandal, Johnson's death stole the headlines from revelations about Bush's torture memorandum and his possibly treasonous culpability in the outing of a CIA agent, and Kim's demise diverted attention from the Kean commission's stunning findings that the government let 9/11 happen on purpose.

The purpose of the complicity of some Saudi royals' with the Mossad and CIA is to forestall a revolution which is about to overcome them, and cut off all oil supplies to the West. Yet not all Saudi royals are in on the plot, as Crown Prince Abdullah and Saudi foreign minister Saudi al Faisal have often insisted that Zionist provocateurs are behind the terror on Saudi soil.

In addition to being another clumsy attempt to defame Islamics, the grotesque beheadings are meant to take the appalling onus off the avalanche of stories detailing American depravity in its handling of prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as whip up additional fervor for new wars against the Saudis and Iranians. And all the while, the leaders of the U.S. are behind the horrific murders, just as they were behind the attacks of 9/11, Oklahoma City, the bombing of the African embassies, and all the other lethal deceptions of recent decades.

Kawther Salam, an expatriate Palestine journalist writing from Vienna, brings up some prescient questions regarding the convenient timing of all these beheadings.

"A strange coincidence around the murder of Paul Johnson is that the Saudi Police apparently cooperated with those who abducted him. Why would a security service trained by American and British C.I.A. fronts like the Vinnell Corp. cooperate with Al-Qaeda, their purported enemy ?

"This is the second time during the last weeks that Saudi security forces have cooperated with Al-Qaeda. If this starts happening regularly, it would suggest either a very grave instability in the Kingdom or that the Saudi security forces are run in accordance with American interests."

I believe the situation is that in either case, you have your answer - and another reason to believe al-Qaeda is clearly an operational arm of the CIA, a conveniently blamable patsy to be identified every time a bomb is used to make a political point. The point is that in all these beheadings and bombings, the chief beneficiaries are always the forces of evil, namely Israel and certain multinational corporations. But the blame is always trumpeted from America's Jewish-dominated media to be placed squarely on the shoulders of mysterious Islamic bandits.

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