Friday 11 June 2004

Blair punished at polling booths

"Give me control of a nation's currency and I care not who writes it's laws." - Mayer Amschel Rothschild

"All governments are lying cocksuckers, I hope you know that." - Bill Hicks

Look people, it doesn't matter which one of those talking-heads is in power, they don't have any of it! The real power resides behind the scenes with the people who own and control the economy. They make vast profits from war and debt, they are parasites feeding of the body of humanity. Until those parasites are eliminated the human race will never know freedom and we will remain the slaves we are now. Think you're not a slave? Well you're wrong, plain and simple. It's got nothing to do with conspiracy theories or my whacky ideas, it's about the banking system and that capitalist yoke which is "fractional reserve" banking. Do the research and you'll come, inevitably, to the same conclusions I did. These elections have meaning, just not the same degree of meaning that the morons in the media would have you believe. At the end of the day, you either take the blue pill or the red pill, it's your choice.

The public has dealt Prime Minister Tony Blair an electoral slap in the face with results from local elections showing his Labour Party losing support across the country.

Ministers said his support for war in Iraq, and its violent aftermath, had taken a toll, though early returns left unclear whether it would be just a set-back or a drubbing.

Thursday's polls for local government, the European Parliament and London's mayor are the biggest public test for the government outside a general election.

Results for the London and European votes will not land until late Friday and Sunday respectively, but early returns from local council seats in play showed Labour shedding support.

Some 6,000 seats on 166 councils in England and Wales were up for grabs -- about a quarter of the total. Analysts said a net loss of 400 seats or more would amount to a serious reverse for Blair.

With 45 councils having reported, Labour had lost a net 97 seats compared with similar local polls last year.

The BBC projected Labour's share of the vote at just 26 percent, 10 points behind the Conservatives, and even below third party Liberal Democrats.

Local elections are staggered over a four-year cycle.

"Labour is down sharply, the Conservatives are up less sharply," Anthony King, professor of government at Essex University, told BBC television.

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Blair punished at polling booths
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