Thursday 3 June 2004

All the president's horses' asses

America, could you please throw these scum-bags out of office and NOT replace them with more scum-bags, before they destroy the planet.... Please?

Cheney. Rumsfeld. Powell. Wolfowitz. Perle. Rice. Feith. Libby. Armitage. Woolsey. Wurmser. Bolton. Ashcroft. There must be more in this galaxy of rogues whose names I forget, because the precision-guided load of diplomatic manure these liars pinpointed on the American people and the world was of such Augean proportions that Hercules himself might have balked at the prospect of cleaning out the stables of these gross defecators on the public trust.

The only lie they forgot to tell us is that Saddam Hussein's fabled WMDs were hidden in plain sight—disguised as the minarets of mosques!

The bill for this poop-fest amounts to two-hundred billion dollars.

Four billion dollars a year would take care of the basic necessities of the most impoverished people of the world—water, literacy, housing. Think about it! Into how many years of our own security against "terra" might two-hundred billion dollars compute if we dropped bread, not bombs? Not to mention our own needs here at home in health, education, security, environment, infrastructure repairs, etc.

Now we are offered another indigestible snack, albeit from a more traditional factory of international lies, the CIA, to gulp down our ulcerated esophagus: Iran was behind the attack on Iraq. Ahmed Chalabi, the Iraqi veteran exile and US-appointed member of the puppet Iraqi Governing Council for security matters and de-Baathification, is now being investigated for allegedly passing secret US documents to Iran.

Ahmed Chalabi, who sequestered all of Saddam's secret-police records on being secreted into Iraq by his US patrons in advance of invasion, is a man with a known sterling record of fraud and deceit. He is already infamous for feeding faulty intelligence to the United States and others. Chalabi was an exclusive source of information on the existence of Saddam's non-existent WMD to Judith Miller's front-page misreporting of casus belli in our newspaper of record, The New York Times (all the lies that are fit to print!). This paladin, Sir Chalabi of Jordan and Lebanon and Iraq, and who knows where else, this shyster with no loyalty, was drafted into Wolfowitz's and Cheney's crusade (yes, correct word) against Saddam was a spy for (gulp!) Iran?

(Can Saddam Hussein be tried by Chalabi's nephew, whom the US has appointed to preside over the trial? Will his uncle oblige the evidence? The only evidence the US may now have is Saddam's unpaid bills for US services rendered in arming the accused.)

I wonder—when does Chalabi become Hitler? When they go for him to liberate Iran?

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