Friday 28 May 2004

Dubya a Danger to the World

Don't forget the contribution that our evil little poodle has made to Bush's demonic little plans. They're getting their orders, to think Bush is really running the USA is like believing that the monkey really was driving the fucking limo in the cannon-ball run movies! Things won't change, it'll all get worse and lots of people will die - just so as some rich bloated plutocrats can impose thier horrific future on the rest of us, cool!

President Bush was accused yesterday of making the world a more dangerous place.

Amnesty International attacked the American-led war on terror, claiming it had led to the worst human rights abuses in 50 years.

In one of its hardest-hitting annual reports, Amnesty's secretary-general Irene Khan said: "The global security agenda promoted by the US administration is bankrupt of vision and bereft of principle.

"Violating rights at home, turning a blind eye to abuses abroad and using pre-emptive military force where and when it chooses has damaged justice and freedom and made the world a more dangerous place."

The 340-page report listed the alleged abuses by the US and its allies against prisoners in Iraq, Cuba and Afghanistan. Ms Khan said Amnesty wrote letters to the British and US governments a year ago, reporting torture, ill-treatment and deaths in custody in Iraq.

She added: "We have some form of response from the British and none to this date from the Americans. It seems that accountability in Washington DC is better generated by Kodak."

She said the world should have expected the shock photos of prisoners being tortured at Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad.

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