Monday 26 April 2004

Ryongchon - Nuclear Trigger for American Conscription?

by Joe Vialls

Viewed through the eyes of desperate Zionist neocons like Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and Sharon, if North Korea could be successfully provoked into action by a small tactical nuclear strike deep inside its own territory, the most likely response would be 5,000 North Korean artillery shells per hour raining down on Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Within days or weeks, the United States of America would once again be obliged to protect South Korea and the rest of the western world from the Communist "Red Menace", this time artificially reborn as "Axis of Evil" member North Korea. Clearly this new 'patriotic defensive' action against Korea would require hundreds of thousands of American conscripts.

Although Iraq is where the conscripts are really needed, no sane American would accept the illegal invasion of Iraq as justification for conscription, because all have already worked out that this stupefying atrocity in the Middle East has nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction, nothing to do with Saddam Hussein, and absolutely nothing to do with American national security. Trying to enforce conscription today in a visible attempt to obtain the extra 500,000 troops needed to steal Iraq's oil reserves for the Zionist madmen on Wall Street, would simply result in every campus across America exploding into justifiably violent protests.

Because the photographs and other hard evidence in this report completely rule out an "accident" in Ryongchon, we are left with the harsh reality that one of the most important strategic locations in the whole of North Korea was deliberately nuked with a relatively low-yield weapon, by a nation or nations currently unknown. This inevitably draws us to ask who has the opportunity, motive and method for the attack, or, put another way, to ask which nations on earth have the nuclear weapons, stealth delivery systems, and the political need to vaporize more than a thousand North Koreans civilians in a cowardly sneak attack reminiscent of Pearl Harbor.

Nowadays there are dozens of nations with declared or undeclared nuclear weapons, but only a handful with long range precision stealth delivery systems, the latter limited to America, Russia, China, France and Great Britain. Of these five possible candidates for the sneak nuclear attack, only America has openly labeled North Korea a member of the mythical "Axis of Evil", and, equally, warned openly of horrific but unspecified military reprisals if North Korea does not stop supplying missile delivery systems to Iran. Thus before we even take into account America's current perilous military predicament in Iraq, there is only one candidate out of the five left with the necessary motive for the attack.

Regardless of any future call to arms to block the "Commies" in Korea, rest assured this entire scenario is all about Iraq and its priceless oil reserves. The Zionist Cabal in New York knows perfectly well that unless it can somehow import up to half a million more sacrificial American soldiers into Iraq to 'secure' all of that priceless oil, the tottering economies of American and the Jewish State will finally collapse, in turn robbing them of any future prospect of global control, and leaving the cabal and its lackeys vulnerable to an unprecedented furious backlash by the American people.

Ominously, as I write this report on 25 April, the Republican Guard has just killed another six American servicemen in Iraq, this time using the relatively new technique of firing 57-mm spin-stabilized rockets from converted taxis and waterborne Zodiac speedboats. This Mach 2 rocket has a deadly flat line-of-sight range of about 5,000 yards, and before the invasion was fitted to every ground attack aircraft and helicopter used by the Iraqi armed forces. Before the Americans arrived the entire arsenal of 40,000 x 57-mm rockets was removed and hidden for a rainy day, and it seems that rainy day has now arrived.

During the dual attacks on Tikrit and Basra harbor yesterday, the Republican Guard used four of these weapons to kill six American soldiers and wound thirteen others, which means that on pre-invasion estimates they have only 39,996 of these rockets left. However, by using this weapon for the first time since the invasion started, the Republican Guard is sending a far more chilling message to America and its nervous conscripted 'allies' from Britain and Australia.

The message is disarmingly simple: It matters not if four-star General John Abizaid lines the highway from Kuwait to Baghdad shoulder-to-shoulder with soldiers ordered to stop the Republican Guard planting culvert bombs designed to blow up American convoys, because the counter-insurgents will simply use 57-mm spin-stabilized rockets fired from 5,000 yards away instead. Without potable water, food and fuel, and with desert temperatures already soaring over 100F, the American invasion army will be beaten primarily by a complete lack of vital supply convoys, leading in turn to broken morale and total psychological defeat.

When Marine three-star General James Conway 'anonymously' told the New York Times on 22 April that forces under his command could turn the Iraqi city of Fallujah into "a killing field in a couple of days", he was either drunk or smoking dope. Less than 48 hours earlier General Conway received an intelligence analysis from the DIA that detailed the perilous position of all American forces. Of the total marines deployed in Iraq on 19 April 2004, sixty-percent had been reduced to two hot meals a day, while the remaining forty-percent had been reduced to one hot meal per day. There was no water available for washing, and potable drinking water supplies had reached an all-time low. Forget fuel completely, because there was [and is] barely enough to top up the tanks of a few Humvees.

Presumably Conway has a high-ranking friend in the USAF who has offered to turn the city into "a killing field in a couple of days" by using several squadrons of B-52 strategic heavies to carpet-bomb the good citizens of Fallujah into a bloody pulp. If this real possibility brings back unpleasant memories of North Vietnam and Cambodia, it is only because Iraq is already well beyond the Vietnam stage in terms of outright brutality borne of sheer desperation.

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