Monday 19 April 2004

Enough is enough

Every time I hear that demented intellectually stunted cowboy drone on about "turr" and "the war or turr" and "turrists" I want to be physically ill.

After watching the smug, sanctimonious, downright insulting, tired old, same old same old speech that came out of President Bush's mouth Tuesday night, how could any American not feel any number of emotions - all naggingly negative - about electing a guy who turned out to be not only the biggest but most dangerous mistake ever made in American democratic political history?

But president he is, God save us all, and led we will continue to be, at least as long as this one-note megalomaniac and his handlers have anything to say about it.

Once again, Americans on Tuesday were assaulted by more "pledges" from Bush: pledges for lots more violence in Iraq; lots more resolve to kill faceless, nameless and probably innocent people; lots more vows to seek "justice" from people who we've never known and by all accounts had nothing to do with the attack on America on Sept. 11.

But then you think; who is going to do all this killing of these virtual strangers, these people we are also pledged (wink, wink) to "protect" and to "free" from tyranny?

How about those private industry mercenaries, the ex-military so-called "contractors" who were killed recently, spawning the US military-led bloodbath in Fallujah?

Oh, they'll be there. Bank on it. They are.

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