Thursday 11 March 2004

Zionists Murder Unarmed Policewoman

If you're interested who the mysterious Joe Vialls is then make sure you read this article because it contains more information from him on the subject. As with all things on, make up your own mind about what you read here.

Now Prime Minister Tony Blair insists Libya must "accept responsibility" for a crime committed exclusively from inside an American-Israeli building

by Joe Vialls

Yvonne Fletcher was killed by the first bullet in a 3-shot burst, fired from a penthouse window at 8 St. James Square, the covert London headquarters of my multinational employer Hughes Corporation. The massive kinetic energy of the high-velocity 7.62 x 51-mm military assault round, fired downwards to the left at roughly sixty degrees of depression, visibly knocked WPC Fletcher several feet to the left of her original position. Shots two and three exploded on the pavement, their shards of shrapnel wounding and similarly knocking a number of demonstrators several feet to their left, along the direct line of fire from 8 St. James Square. These hard forensic facts are proved unequivocally by the three photographs shown on the scaled montage above. I can personally assure you that no Libyan, real or imaginary, had any access whatever to this heavily guarded American-Israeli building in 1984.

Many people believe that the current Zionist crusade against Islam started in the immediate aftermath of the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center in New York, but they are wrong. Others believe that the assassination of President John F. Kennedy was the most devastating and effective single murder of the 20th century, but they also are wrong. To understand why this is so, and to be able to discriminate between events that initiate global change and those that are mere glitzy media spectaculars, it is essential to remain emotionally detached. Kennedy was only a politician, who was swiftly replaced within hours by another politician. His death did not lead to a war with Cuba or Russia, nor did it lead to any massed western determination to hunt down or punish his perceived killers.

The current Zionist crusade against Islam started in the immediate aftermath of WPC Yvonne Fletcher's murder in St. James Square, cynically orchestrated the same year as George Orwell's famous and chilling book "1984", in which Big Brother controls global citizens by television, and where the 'Ministry of Truth' reconstructs the past in order to manipulate the future. Less than two hours after Yvonne Fletcher was gunned down, western television started reconstructing the events of that morning, in order to create a new future filled with hatred of Libyans, who were used as proxy Muslims representative of Islam as a whole.

Because WPC Fletcher's death initiated a massive western backlash against Libya, which in turn facilitated the later murders of tens of thousands more Muslim women and children in the Middle East, Yvonne's was by far the most devastating and effective single murder of the 20th Century. With three high velocity bullets costing less than two dollars, fired in a covert operation lasting less than one second, Zionist media puppeteers deliberately drove an enormous dividing wedge of distrust and animosity between millions of Christians and Muslims.

For nearly twenty years I have kept the full details of my personal relationship to Hughes Corporation, to Enserch House at 8 St. James Square, and to those who ordered Yvonne Fletcher's murder under fairly tight wraps. I really did believe that discreet dialogue with a range of senior British officials would do more in terms of achieving justice for Yvonne Fletcher, for members of her family, and for her former colleagues in the Metropolitan Police Service. Then quite suddenly, on 10 February 2004, Prime Minister Tony Blair opened his very big mouth, and all bets were instantly off.

In an official announcement, the media was advised that Tony Blair would meet Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi in Tripoli later this year, but only if Libya first "accepted responsibility" for WPC Fletcher's murder in St. James Square, and surrendered her alleged killers to the west for trial. This artful statement was followed by a faint obsequious echo from New Scotland Yard, when Metropolitan Police Federation chairman Glen Smyth meekly offered, "There must be no normalization of relations with Libya until they hand over those responsible for the murder". Obviously nothing has changed in the slightest, and the letters I have received over the years from senior Home Office officials, and Assistant Commissioners at New Scotland Yard promising full and proper investigations, are not worth the paper they are written on.

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