Tuesday 23 March 2004

Puppet On A String: Hamas Dances To Israel’s Tune

A repost from 2002, good article by the webmaster of propagandamatrix.com.

Hamas - A Tool of the Zionists Back in the heady days of the last century, the composition of government was a fine balance between decent individuals and outright criminals.

Of course, it has been known for decades that Mossad conduct so-called ‘pre-emptive’ assassinations of political enemies on foreign shores. The public admission itself is what makes the story, not the details, which were already largely known.

Israel’s supposed arch-enemy, the terrorist group Hamas, was founded and funded by Israel’s dominant Likud party and continues to be bankrolled to this day by political bodies pushing a one world government system. This is not my opinion and I am not breaking an exclusive story. It is a documented fact reported on by mainstream news outlets and admitted by respected individuals within the US and Israeli governments and intelligence agencies.

The objectives of Hamas dovetail with those of the Likud, no settlement at all costs. Whenever the prospect of a workable peace settlement between the Israelis and Palestinians arises, Hamas or one of their offshoots blows a bus, restaurant or a hotel to pieces. This gives Israel the justification needed to scupper any agreement and further entrench their occupation of disputed lands. All the outsider sees is carnage, death and a mainstream media that spins the issue so that these atrocities somehow represent the wishes of the Palestinian people.

The Globalists have no intention of settling the conflict and will likely use it several years down the line to initiate a near-apocalyptic third world war that will fully ensconce their wicked empire. The final phase is a stage-managed ‘clash of civilizations’ between the Arab world, possibly supported by China, and the west.

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