Friday 12 March 2004

An ordinary morning

An ordinary morning begins,
people wake and begin their day
amid bird song and the crackle of a radio
people rub sleep from their squinting eyes.
In one house a couple lie entwined
not wanting to let go, delaying inevitability.
In another a man rises painfully from his bed, thinking
"it's not good to drink that much on a weekday"!
All around the city muted music fills the air
the hustle and bustle of a big city, and it's radio
traffic noise and barking dogs, the early risers are busy.

In one corner of the city a group finish their plans
with death on their minds and the devil in their hearts.
As they make their way from under their rock
an ill wind blows foul, and the sky grows dark
but, the universe sees what they plan.
As they move around the city silently and unseen
nobody suspects them, nobody knows
they plant their evil devices
and slip away like dogs...

Pedro is late, he's starting a new job
running down the street like a madman
half dressed - the rest is in his bag ready for the train.
He runs through the station entrance, success!
The train is still there and he can still make it,
he smiles as he boards the crowded train.
Feeling quite lucky, and blissfully unaware
Pedro opens his ruckstack and pulls out his electric razor
relaxing a little, he counts his lucky stars...
The journey begins and his thoughts turn to work....

A flash of light.
Time slows down.
Blood, metal, fire, death
the morning explodes in a ball of fire
the shockwave hits and the people drop like flies
some are blown to pieces, others simply blow apart
flesh, blood, flames, screaming, death, utter mayhem
the morning explodes in pieces of people, scattered in the wind.

Pedro lies bleeding, no arms and no legs
still breathing but only just, he's fighting for life.
As he takes his last breath, he sees;
an angel above him in space,
she kisses his head warm and tenderly
and, with a smile on his lips, he closes his eyes
and he breathes his last breath...

Maria stands up, a tear in her eye
she stares at the stranger who lies dead at her feet.
The last kiss of life lingers on her lips
and she cries for the life that is no more.