Thursday 4 March 2004

Mossad and Clinton Only Threats Now

by Trowbridge H. Ford

With Massachusetts Senator John F. Kerry's nomination for President by the Democratic Party now assured, the only apparent problem is for his supporters to make sure that he gets elected in November.

Whatever reservations sensible people have about the American system of government, and its economic environment, any replacement for the present incumbent in the White House - even a random choice out of any telephone book - seems preferable. Only by getting rid of George W. Bush can the country hope to regain control of its spiralling debt, and its runaway foreign policy. Capitalism can be made to have a human face, and America need not be involved in regime-change around the globe.

Voters should not be turned off by Kerry's Catholic-Jewish background. They should be turned on by it because it offers inroads on the hold that the neocons and the theocons currently have on the American electorate. And people should not take seriously that Kerry, along with William J. Clinton, and big and little Bush, was a member of Yale's Skull and Bones Society. It was just something a political inclined graduate wanted to have in his c.v. The idea that the group was planning little more than who it would let join it is ludicrous.

Given this context, the only immediate threats to this not happening are likely operations by Israel's Mossad, and complementary action by former President Clinton. The Israeli foreign intelligence service, under director general Meir Dagan, has already gone to the greatest lengths to promote Ariel Sharon's unilateralist settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and it would be naive not to assume that it would continue. The former President is too deeply indebted to, and worried about his relations with Tel Aviv to stop at this point.

The Mossad is noted for planning, and executing covert operations which greatly serve Israel's interests before any one else even suspects them. Its vast surveillance of the 9/11 hijackers for months before they carried out their attacks - what one of its secret teams aka kidons even filmed from the west bank of the Hudson - and its apparent follow-up attacks by sending anthrax-filled letters, thanks to the theft by Lt. Col. Philip Zack of the spores from Fort Detrick back in 1992, to various Americans, especially Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle and Vermont colleague Patrick Leahy, are case and point here.

They committed Israel to an all-out attack on anyone who stood in its way. The death of Dr. David Kelly on July 17, 2003 outside London is increasingly seen as a murder, as the bleeding, ingestion of coproxamol, absence of more blood and pain killer at the alleged site, etc., just don't add up to suicide - what the adjourned inquest must rectify in the face of Lord Hutton's whitewash - the result of all the paid investigative work by Oxford psychiatrist Keith Hawton.
While conspiracy theorists predicably mention all kinds of unlikely suspects - my favorite is that it was done by a team allegedly working for catch-all terrorist Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi. (When he wasn't sending the anthrax letters in America, he was plotting assassinations in Western Europe!)

Lost in all this is the assassination of former Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh by zoombie Majailo Majailovic in Stockholm on the second anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. The successful assassination of Kelly without discovery provided the precedent for the killing in Sweden, and completely different work was required apparently by the kidon.

Instead of murder being made to look like suicide, an assassination was made to look like the work of a loonie. It all seems just too similar to the CIA's disposal of John Lennon by Mark David Chapman to defuse the likely crisis over Reagan's "October Surprise" regarding the release of the American hostages held in Teheran. The Mossad could easily have gotten or developed the extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic wave hardware necesssary for programming such candidates from the Agency.

In this situation, Senator Kerry is most vulnerable between now and the Democratic Convention, as people, even Secret Service agents, are not prepared to think seriously enough in these terms. Kerry is just too big a threat to those who shot their way into the White House during Reagan's candidacy not to resort to it again if necessary, thanks especially to their new connections and commitments to Tel Aviv. If during the stalking of Kerry, as with President Carter back in 1980, an assassination proves necessary, one should be on the lookout for either another zoombie killer or a kidon itself moving into action.

The biggest indication that this may be afoot, as with the assassinations of Kelly and Lindh, is that Gordon Thomas is once again spreading disinformation about possible operations. On the American Free Press web site, he has a story, "Clinton's Pardoned Buddy Spied for Israel," contending that the last-minute pardon of the notorious sleaze-bag Marc Rich in 2001 may have cost Hillary Clinton the White Hous in the next election. Actually, Thomas is spreading MI6 claims to help make sure that Kerry doesn't succeed Bush in 2004.

Thomas's story is intended to blackmail 'Slick Willie' into doing everything he can to make sure that Kerry isn't successful. The Belgium-born, former American citizen Rich is said to have known about a Mossad spy, "Mega", in the White House, a holdover from the first Bush, administration, who was telling Tel Aviv all about what was going on in the Oval Office. The implication is that "Mega" stole real national security secrets.

Now, it seems, that "Mega" must be LInda Tripp, the executive assistant to Vince Foster, Clinton's long-time friend, and deputy counsel in the new administration, who committed suicide shortly afterwards, on July 20, 1993. While various conspiracy theorists have claimed that Foster was murdered, actually his suicide was much more damaging to the Clintons, and they and Ms.Tripp knew it.

Foster, intead of dealing in matters of high policy for the new administration, was soon involved in all kinds of travels for illegal deals, especially for arms, and money laundering in banks with all kinds of sleaze-balls - what required Hillary to take over the White House travel office to better keep secret all the operations. When Foster killed himself, counsel to the President Bernard Nussbaum was required to intervene on grounds of executive privilege when the Justice Department, FBI, and Park Police came to pick up his papers, so that none of the dirty bits would leak out - what helped force Nussbaum to break all ties with Clinton.

Then there was the whole dirty business of the Clintons with the Laborers International trade union. Deputy Chief of Staff Harold Ickes arranged for the Mafia-infested union to elect Arthur Coia its figure-head President rather than suffer a takeover by the federal government under RICO legislation after it contributed $3,000,000 to the Clinton-Gore ticket. About Mafia influence in the union, David Scheim wrote in Contract on America: The Mafia Murder of President John F. Kennedy:

"Its influence continues to plague several national unions, including Laborers International, at whose 1981 convention a member was beaten in public view for daring to run against the Mafia's designated candidate for president, Angelo Fosco. It is still active in a broad spectrum of illegal operations, such as toxic dumping, in which Mob-controlled brokers dispose of poisonous chemicals in woods, farmlands or gasoline dispensed to motorists." (p. 318)

Instead of going after the Mob-infested union, though, the Clintons preferred to get in bed with it: Hillary addressed its annual meeting in 1994, and Coia was soon staying in the White House suites regularly. Little wonder that his union raised $20,000,000 for the Clinton-Gore ticket in 1996, and Coia took the lead in protecting the President against alleged corruption and sexual harrassment charges, donating $1,000 to the fund. Of course, Clinton had done a lot of screwing around before he got to the White House, and there were many similar claims about his behavior in the Oval Office, as we all well know.

Against this background, the charges against the Clintons over Whitewater seem trivial, a red-herring that they helped engineer through the Clintons' personal lawyer Susan Thomases, and helped document through reporters like Jeff Gerth of The New York Times, and writers like James B. Stewart, author of Blood Sport, The President and His Adversaries - as if Clinton's problems, unlike Nixon's, were solely the creation of his enemies.

Gordon Thomas's revelations threaten to put Whitewater aside, and put the blackmailing of the Clintons back on track. While Rich's former wife was giving $450,000 towards the construction of the Clinton Library, and $1,100,000 towards the election of the Gore-Liberman ticket, Marc was working out a deal through the BCCI so that Abu Nidal in Baghdad, the former Palestinian terrorist turned Mossad agent, could buy British arms with false user-end certificates for more covert operations.

"Rich received one of the 140 pardons," including a convicted heroin dealer, Thomas concluded, "during his final hours for what was a rogue's gallery." In doing so, Thomas failed to clarify that Clinton also pardoned Adolf "Al" Schwimmer, the arms dealer who tried to smuggle the famous 80 HAWK missiles through Sweden on November 17, 1985 - what kicked off the Iran-Contra scandal - though we may be reminded of the fact later if Clinton needs more persuading to cooperate. (For more about "Al", see Lawrence E. Walsh, Firewall: The Iran-Contra Conspriacy and Cover-Up, pp. 37-41).

Sharon himself is under pressure because Thomas has also claimed that it was while Hanan Tannenbaum was working with Rich that Tannenbaum was kidnapped by Hezbollah. Tannenbaum and the bodies of three Israeli soldiers were recently exchanged for 436 Arabs and 59 bodies, a most lop-sided deal which is now being blamed on corrupt practices at the Prime Minister's farm but could change to more blackmail by Rich at Sharon's expense.

Where this is all leading is to Clinton's testifying before the national commission investigating the 9/11 attacks where he can be expected to say things helpful to the Bush and Sharon administrations. After all, it was a holdover from Clinton's administration, counterterrorist expert Richard Clarke, who was advising the White House on how to prepare for any Al-Qaeda attack - what blew up in its face.

Clarke was working with DCI George Tenet to regain control of the airliners, once they arrived at Los Angeles after they had been hijacked, by having CIA agents on the three last flights, under the operational direction of Barbara Olson - wife of Solicitor General Ted Olson, and on the airliner which crashed into the Pentagon.

Unfortunately, the highjackers had no intentions of a simple hijacking, and the former President will be under increasing pressure to spread the blame all around - especially since he pulled out all the stops to stop his removal from office by hitting targets in the Sudan and Afghanistan with missiles which just fueled Al-Qeada fury. This is why the House Speaker has been willing to extend the deadline for the commission making its report.

If it doesn't work with the electorate, you can expect action by the Mossad. Whatever happens, no one should again assume that the election returns make little difference, and that Kerry, like Gore, is much like the current occupant of the White House.