Thursday 11 March 2004

Executive Outcomes ties lead to London and Bush

Some background to the recent arrest of 60 alleged mercenaries in Zimbabwe over the weekend, seems it was all tied in to a plot to overthrow the leader of Equatorial Guinea. Seems the warmongering scumbags of the New World Order are at it again.

Executive Intelligence Review January 31, 1997, pp. 42-43

by Roger Moore and Linda de Hoyos

Exposes appearing on both sides of the Atlantic on the mercenary group Executive Outcomes, threaten to blow the lid off the British intelligence nexus already identified as responsible for the February 1986 murder of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, and for the current cataclysmic destabilization of Africa on behalf of circles associated with the Queen of England's Privy Council and Sir George Bush.

The exposes appeared in the French daily {Le Figaro} on Jan. 16, the {London Observer} on Jan. 17, and the February issue of the American magazine {Harper's.}

Executive Outcomes is the mercenary arm of a vast network of British-South African corporations dealing in gold, diamonds, and oil, primarily, but not exclusively, in Africa, that come under the umbrella of Strategic Resources Corporation, headquartered in Pretoria, South Africa. Described universally as an ``advance guard of a corporate network that includes mining, oil, and construction companies,'' Executive Outcomes is active in 13 African countries, including Uganda. For its services, it demands a lien or franchise on the exportable raw resources, particularly mineral wealth, of the client country--in the same fashion as the British East India Company of the 18th and 19th centuries, which in turn functioned as the ``advance guard'' of the British monarchy.

Executive Outcomes was incorporated offshore, on the Isle of Man, in 1993, by Anthony Buckingham, a British businessman, and Simon Mann, a former British officer, the {Observer} reported, based on a leak to it from British intelligence. Buckingham is also chief executive of Heritage Oil and Gas, which in turn is linked to the Canadian firm Ranger Oil. Other firms operating out of the same headquarters in Chelsea Plaza 107, London, include Branch International Ltd. and Branch Mining Ltd.

Preliminary investigation by {EIR} has further determined that Executive Outcomes lies at the heart of the British monarch's raw materials cartels and secret intelligence operations, in conjunction with Bush's rogue apparat:

Through Sir David Steel, a former leader of the Liberal Party, Executive Outcomes and, presumably, its deployment, is a subsumed operation of the Queen's Privy Council. Steel is a close friend of EO's Buckingham, and is on the board of directors of EO's sister firm, Heritage Oil and Gas, according to {Le Figaro.} In 1977, Steel was inducted into the Privy Council, making him the youngest member of Britain's highest-level policy-making body.

The links between Executive Outcomes and Ranger Oil point to operational ties with the Bronfman family of Canada, whose scion, Edgar Bronfman of Toronto Broncorp, sits on the board of directors of Ranger. Recently, the Bronfman family merged its mammoth real estate firm, Trizec, with Barrick Gold, whose senior advisory board includes Sir George Bush. Barrick Gold is deeply involved in northeastern Zaire, where it has purchased 83,000 square kilometers of land. Zairean sources report that the so-called Zairean rebel Laurent Kabila is no more than a mercenary for Barrick and Anglo American Corp., sponsored by the British Crown-backed Ugandan and Rwandan militaries. Executive Outcomes, {Le Figaro} and other sources further verify, is deeply entrenched in Uganda, the key British marcher-lord state in the region.

The ability of Executive Outcomes to thrive as privatized warlords, it is believed, is in part due to the privatization of U.S. intelligence services by George Bush, who, as vice president, beginning in 1981, carried out Executive Order 12333, which placed all U.S. intelligence operations under Bush's personal control.

This may be another reason why Executive Outcomes is deeply enmeshed in the same networks exposed in a South African courtroom in September 1996, as responsible for the successful assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1986. During the trial of Col. Eugene de Kock, on 89 counts of murder, conspiracy, and fraud, it was revealed that de Kock, along with spy-turned-National Party politician Craig Williamson, had planned the hit on Palme, which, according to de Kock's co-worker, Brig. Johan ``Dirk'' Coutzee, was carried out by another former South African intelligence agent, James Anthony ``Ant'' White.

The entire nexus designated, was part of the covert death squad unit of the South African military policy, called C-10. Executive Outcomes is from similar turf. Its executive director, Eeben Barlow, is a former South African special forces officer, who organized Executive Outcomes from the ``Koevoet,'' according to well-informed South African sources. The Koevoet is a small police unit that carried out assassinations during Apartheid, and was also named by {EIR} as involved in ``Third Force'' operations to provoke black-on-black violence. Craig Williamson was the primary trainer of Koevoet.

In its October 1996 {Special Report,} ``George Bush and the 12333 Serial Murder Ring,'' {EIR} took note of Williamson's direct ties to Executive Outcomes. Williamson was a key on-the-ground organizer for Operation Lock, the brainchild of the Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and Prince Philip of England, to carry out ``wetworks'' on behalf of their World Wildlife Fund in Africa. The {EIR} report documents that ``another outfit, employed by Williamson, to funnel manpower to [Col. Ian] Crooke and Operation Lock, was Executive Outcomes, headed by Eeben Barlow, a former South African military officer who had been active in Angola, providing support to Savimbi's Unita, but later contracted his `private' security services to the Angolan government.''

Evidence points to Executive Outcomes being a direct and likely the biggest spin-off of the British Special Air Services (SAS), formed in 1941 by the late Lt. Col. David Stirling. The SAS lies outside the British government's official military structure, and is accountable to the Sovereign Queen only. According to the British Army handbook, the SAS--similar to EO today--is ``particularly suited, trained, and equipped for counter-revolutionary operations,'' specializing ``in ``sabotage,'' ``assassination,'' as well as ``liaison with organization, training, and control of friendly guerrilla forces operating against the common enemy.''

Among the sister-firms of Executive Outcomes operating out of Chelsea Plaza 107 is Capricorn Systems Ltd. As the {Observer} writes: ``It is suspected that the name Capricorn originates with the `Capricorn Africa Society,' established by the eccentric military hero who founded SAS, Sir David Stirling, and who was himself involved in mercenary operations before his death in 1990. Another company which took the name was CapricornAir,'' which delivered the first EO troops into Angola in 1993.

In southern Africa, among Stirling's offspring mercenary services was Kilo Alpha Services (KAS), run by Operation Lock's Colonel Crooke. Reports are that, upon Stirling's death, KAS was bought up by Sir Jimmy Goldsmith, the British mogul who also figured in the Public Diplomacy Donors' List, the key private financiers for George Bush's illegal Iran-Contra operations in the 1980s.

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