Thursday 11 March 2004

ETA: the 'mother' of separatist terrorism

With ETA saying they didn't do it this recent bombing strikes me as highly fishy...

Most recent news says a van has been found with "Arabic tapes" aparently verses from the Koran about "education". So why would ETA do that, and why the hell wouldn't it be some verse about Jihad or something? Plus, how absolutely convenient that they found this van, isn't that like them not finding black boxes at the WTC but finding a passport that magically survived the inferno...? Next question, why the FUCK would Arabs want to bomb a Spanish commuter train? Surely that just pisses people off and makes sure that they won't support you...!?!

Media parroting the same crap, bombs going off, people dying and the lies flow like codshit spawning in the fucking north atlantic! What the FUCK is wrong with this picture and why the FUCK isn't anyone in the "media" asking any real questions or doing any real thinking or investigating??!!!?? Watching BBC, Sky and CNN and I feel like I'm in the Matrix waiting for some fucker to wake me up! Tell you what dear codshitters, if I could scream a scream loud enough to convey exactly how I felt then this whole planet would simply explode and you'd all be dead right now. I feel so sorry for the people who have lost someone on this awful day, I know how it feels believe me, but this is a sham, a hoax and a con and we are being used to foment a crisis that will lead humanity into the greatest calamity we couldn't even envisage in our worst nightmares!

If one had to choose the single most typical model of the British ethnic-separatist terrorist movement, it would be the Basque group known as ETA. Why?

Basque separatism was created originally around a manufactured ethnic identity, in the cauldron of race scientists and ethnologists who were working in the British orbit in such centers as Leipzig, Vienna, and Paris around the turn of the present century, and who worked through the Basque priest Jos? Miguel de Barandiar?n (1889-1980).

This artificially created identity has been used to foment terrorist irregular warfare on London's behalf, as shown in the handiwork of the French ethnologist Paul Rivi?re, who participated in concocting the ideology both for ETA and for the savage Peruvian narco-terrorist band, Shining Path.

It provided a perfect vehicle for undermining the nation-state, thus serving British geopolitical aims on the continent of Europe. Not only Spain, whose Basque provinces were a center for industrial development that threatened British economic hegemony, but also France, which has its own Basque country, were in the crosshairs. British authorship has been recognized by leading Spaniards: Prime Minister Carrero Blanco, before his assassination at the hands of ETA in 1973, wrote a letter to Francisco Franco, the Spanish head of State, charging that it was Spain's purported "allies," the British, who were promoting ETA.

By promoting the "Black Legend"?the historical distortion that presented Catholic Spain and Spaniards as uniquely cruel and destructive in their colonization efforts?the ETA model also gave Britain a weapon against the power and influence of Spain in its former colonies in the Americas, utilizing such stooges as Theodore Roosevelt.

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