Friday 6 February 2004

Inquest to resolve Kelly 'suicide riddle'

It's nice to know that there are at least some honourable people out there. We can only hope that this inquest might lead to something more than a whitewash...

A coroner is poised to order a full inquest into the death of David Kelly amid mounting medical concern at the quality of the Hutton report.

Oxford Coroner Nicholas Gardiner has received letters from doctors calling for the inquest to end speculation over Dr Kelly's death.

They have warned that the Hutton Inquiry failed to remove any lingering doubts that the method of suicide Dr Kelly apparently used would have killed him.

A number of senior medical figures have gone public to ask whether the evidence presented does enough to show he killed himself.

The inquiry would be able to consider evidence not made public during the Hutton Inquiry, and force reluctant witnesses to give evidence. It would also be able to call independent experts to hold crucial medical evidence up to scrutiny.

In a key sign Mr Gardiner will rule in favour of an inquest, he is to convene a hearing at which "interested parties" will make representations of their views.

These will include the Kelly family, and could also include the Government, police and medical bodies. The hearing would be unprecedented.

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