Friday 9 January 2004

Prince Charles Implicated in Murder of Princess Diana

Joe always manages to suprise me, one might have reasonably expected him to produce an article corroborating the story about Charles wanting to off Diana but in this he's claiming that Diana didn't write the letter in the first place. As usual, make up your own minds on this.

Logic dictates Princess Di was deliberately frightened into writing the incriminating letter before her death, but science suggests that she did not write the letter at all.

by Joe Vialls

Early this week the Mirror newspaper in London printed the name of the man who Princess Diana [allegedly] wrote " planning 'an accident' in my car brake failure and serious head injury..." Though the actual words had been blacked-out for years, the Mirror revealed for the first time that Diana had apparently written in full, "my husband is planning 'an accident' in my car. brake failure and serious head injury..."

It was the ultimate horror story of a fairy princess brutally murdered by her ogre of an adulterous husband, and the public loved it to death. Virtually no-one bothered to even ask if the letter was genuine, nor whether Princess Diana, a qualified teacher with the best education money can buy in Great Britain, would by herself have made the provable errors in the body of the text. And all of this was printed by a left-wing newspaper with a known vested interest in the abolition of the Monarchy. Just a bit too convenient, wouldn't you say?

A snip of the Mirror letter reproduced by is posted below, and shows very clearly where the "Princess" suddenly lost complete control of her English language skills. In all other letters written before her death, Princess Diana without exception starts a new sentence with a capital letter, i.e. "is planning 'an accident' in my car. Brake failure..." Not with this single letter though. All of a sudden Diana loses her grasp of the English language for the very first time, and writes instead, "is planning 'an accident' in my car. brake failure..."

There is more, much much more. Just about every wife reading this report knows that in the real world of princesses and commoners, Diana would have used "Charles" if writing to a close friend, or perhaps modified this to "Prince Charles" if writing to a servant. Only the editor of a major newspaper would think of "my husband", an intimate and very personal term, substituted in order to wring every last bit of emotion out of a dumbstruck gullible audience.

Whether Princess Diana actually wrote this letter or not we will never know for certain, though it seems most unlikely that she did. Indeed, the Dutchess of York, a lifetime friend, seemed appalled. "That just isn't her" Fergie said, shaking her head in bewiderment.

Forgery would be simplicity with today's super computers and graphics software. All you need is a sample of Diana's handwriting including all letters in the alphabet, and the computer does the rest for you. Unfortunately, a computer would not necessarily know that Princess Diana always started each new sentence with a capital letter, nor that "my husband" sounds ridiculous to normal human beings.

As things stand at present, the Royal Coroner has demanded that this "letter" be forwarded to him for use as evidence. Let us all hope that the Royal Coroner has his wits about him, and compares this missive with others written by the Princess in her own hand. Even the best of computers would be overtaxed trying to duplicate the exact pressure exerted by Diana on her own notepaper, if indeed the Mirror letter was actually written on the right notepaper from Kensington Palace. Food for thought...

As to why one of Britains largest newspapers is manipulating the truth, or itself being manipulated by others, the text below is probably as good an explanation as any. About half of this text was published in 2002 to explain inexplicable parallels between the Ritz Hotel in Paris and its namesake in London, and also describes the weaponry used to cause the crash. The fresh half, woven into the original, reveals for the first time the identity of those responsible for the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

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