Friday 16 January 2004


In the darkness that is planet Earth
in the mists of the 21st century
as humanity appears in free-fall
heading inexorably towards disaster
we are not free
the capitalist yoke binds us all
bitches of the plastic card
willingly we sell our souls to them.
They control us with their remotes
they cause the disaffection
then they blame it on others.
Blacks, Jews, Arabs, Gays
it's all the same to them.
Give them an enemy!
So that they are blinded to the truth.
Give them an enemy!
So they are blind to the beast in their midst.
Just buy your skin cream.
Shut up!
You're ugly, buy this car!
Shut up!
You need this widget, buy it now!
Shut up and consume!
Who's your Daddy?
Say my name, bitch!