Thursday 18 December 2003

Saddam's Capture - Questions The Media Is Not Asking

Raymond Burr: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury:

As the court appointed attorney for Mr. Hussein, we would like to present the following articles in evidence as exhibits A through Z.

Now, Mr. Hussein, do you recognize the man who brought you the package of money and biological weapons in 1983 ? Is he present in the courtroom ? Would you please point him out the court ?

Oh, yeah, sure...this is gonna happen.

Bush is going to let Saddam sing like a Partridge in an Olive Tree.
I finally got a look at the footage.

I be in Jamaica Mon, and Me no see noBODY as high as Rasta Saddam when he come out da hole Mon.
Dey have the good stuff in Tikrit Mon. He was so drugged he coulda been hiding in Andy Warhol's apartment. They dressed him up to look like Jerry Garcia ca. 1967.

and I quote: "...Iraq, at the very least, is a nation of a thousand Jack Rubys."

"Will BushFeld let an Iraqi Jack Ruby "slip through" to keep Saddam from exposing Bush's WMD lies?..."

Please also take a look at the lovely PRESS KIT, that was just coincidentally and oh so considerately prepared to give out to media, BEFORE the capture.

What would YOU say if there were gorgeous 8X10 glossies and handy one page bios available of Oswald or Sirhan Sirhan three hours BEFORE anyone got shot ? Yeah. Me, too.
Well, Mon, me be wanting some of that stuff Rasta Saddam be smokin', Mon.

Anyone out there know how to get Las Vegas oddsmakers quotes on when he bites the big one ?

I wanna lay the house and the kids....
And a parlay- Osama and Saddam in the same month- October 2004.

Then Me go to Tikrit, and buy some da GOOD stuff, Mon.

The Capture of Saddam: The Questions the Mainstream Media Aren't (as Usual) Asking

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