Monday 22 December 2003

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by Joe Vialls

Everyone knows that when police officers pick up a suspect, the last thing on their minds is running a complex two-day DNA test to check his ancestry, or to see whether suspect whatshisname might allegedly be predisposed to Alzheimer’s or some other quasi-medical horror. Of course not! If there is the slightest doubt about identity, police officers fingerprint whatshisname, and then compare those prints with incriminating prints from various different crime scenes. Get sufficient identical characteristics or “points” with fingerprinting, and you have the perfect match.

In the case of the real President Saddam Hussein this would be simplicity itself, because perfect copies of the Iraqi Leader’s thumb prints are scattered liberally across Baghdad, and are also held in the safes of one German and two British companies, including the Morris Singer Foundry. During 1986 Morris Singer was part of a German-led consortium, which cast the bronze arms for Saddam Hussein's enormous Hands of Victory Arch in Baghdad. We will return to this fascinating story later.

Unfortunately, fingerprints would have proved the complete undoing of the recent Cheney, Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld mega-scam in Tikrit, which relied primarily on “smoke and mirrors” to convince a very skeptical world population that America was really winning the war in Iraq, meaning in turn that all countries opposed to America’s illegal invasion should now get on board, and start throwing some heavy cash in the general direction of Washington, DC.

The second purpose of the Tikrit mega-scam was to psychologically undermine the Iraqi people, which was carefully arranged by ensuring that whatshisname crawled out of his hole in the ground without firing a shot, and then meekly submitted to intimate personal handling by a heavyweight skinhead American doctor. They teach this basic crap in Psych 101, and the underlying message for the Iraqis was, “What kind of leader hides in a hole during the heat of battle, and refuses to put up a fight?” Almost without realizing it, the reader is drawn inexorably backwards in time to September 11, 2001, when President George W. Bush scuttled down into a deep “spider hole” beneath Offutt AFB in Nebraska, and sat there sucking his thumb until the “All Clear” was sounded. George had a much bigger [fully air conditioned] spider hole of course, with the extra space needed to accommodate his grossly inflated ego.

At the tertiary level, the Tikrit mega-scam severely damaged the American Democrats, who were left with nothing constructive to say in the run-up to the presidential elections. There is no doubt that Cheney, Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld thought they were killing three birds with one stone, but these academic retards were evidently looking north from Baghdad towards Tikrit when they hatched the plan, and forgot to look in their rear view mirrors. Had they bothered to do so, whatshisname would have been hurriedly buried again forever, with a giant D9 bulldozer blade

The population of Iraq is almost evenly split between Sunni Muslims in the north of the country, generally controlled by the Baath Party, and Shi’ite Muslims in the south, who are heavily influenced and thus motivated by Shi’ite clerics. It was the southern Shi’ites who were approached by the CIA during late 1990 and early 1991, with a request that they “Rise up against Saddam”, who, the CIA assured them, “was severely weakened by the Gulf War.” The nice folk from Langley also offered the hapless Shi’ites limitless quantities of hard cash, weapons, ammunition, Coca-Cola and Big Macs.

Quite why the Shi’ites chose to believe the CIA with its obvious Mossad connections, we may never know, but they took up their Ak-47s and RPGs and headed north anyway, slaughtering everything in sight that looked even remotely like a Sunni Muslim. President Hussein was not best pleased, and sent about three Republican Guard tank divisions to meet the Shi’ites head-on. Though actual numbers are still elusive, it is widely believed that between 15,000 and 20,000 Shi’ites were killed in less than one month.

The Shi’ites desperately tried to contact their new friends at the CIA for air support, ammo, and all the others things Langley had promised by the ton, but sadly all they got was an answering machine. Apparently the spooks were away on vacation in Florida, and in no mood to be disturbed by a bunch of “Ayrabs” they had forgotten weeks earlier. Put another way, in the finest traditions of the American Intelligence Community, the CIA had backed out of the deal.

And so it was that in less than a calendar month, the Shi’ite Muslims of southern Iraq learned two very powerful emotions. First was acute fear of Saddam Hussein, and second was acute hatred of the CIA and all Americans in general. In order to understand the monumental cock-up that Cheney, Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld have just made with the Tikrit mega-scam, it is vital to understand the difference between these two emotions, and the implications that flow from them.

The only thing stopping southern Iraqi Shi’ites from killing the American invaders, was fear that when the U.S. was eventually driven out of Iraq, Saddam would again crush them as he did back in 1991. But by “Capturing Saddam” the Americans have removed that fear, thus inviting Moqtada al-Sadr to open a southern front against the invaders.

This is where the hatred comes into play. Not only do the Shi’ites blame America for getting fifteen to twenty thousand of them killed back in 1991, they also rightfully blame America for their thousands of citizens killed and horribly maimed by fragmentation weapons, since the illegal invasion started earlier this year. Every Shi’ite male in southern Iraq wants a piece or several pieces of a U.S. soldier, and with Saddam Hussein now “in captivity”, they are no longer inhibited in their actions. The Shi’ites feared Saddam, but they certainly do not fear Americans, who they collectively and disdainfully regard as undisciplined rabble.

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