Friday 12 December 2003

Dirty Bomb Memes Re-surfacing

Whether you love him or hate him, believe him or belittle him you cannot deny that the Internet (and the world) would be a boring place without him. If we are to believe him then things in the USA are fast approaching a boiling point from which there will be no return. The idea of a US military government running rampant across the world securing all the resources for the global capitalists is just to terrifying to think about, but think about it we must because unless something changes over there this whole world is utterly screwed.


by voxfux

Get ready Americans, because right now clandestine operations teams controlled by the NeoCons are deploying on American soil, the next spectacular terror attacks designed to usher in the next phase of their futile grasp at totalitarian control. Absolutely positively within 11 months there will be a massive terrorist attack on American soil. This attack will absolutely positively be an "Inside job," perpetrated by the same US based pseudo-religious military / industrial / intelligence triad linked to the Bush family who perpetrated the Twin Towers attacks.

With the dreaded 2004 election theft only 11 months away the big question is weather or not the freedom fighters and activists and alternative Internet news services will be able to expose and stop the plans of the NWO crusaders. Will democracy survive the coming assault that Bushes NeoCon sociopaths have in store for it? Will democracy survive General Tommy Franks' declaration of Martial Law? Surly a military coup d'etat is what they are preparing (us for) or (for us).

The countdown is on. Freedom is hanging on a thread.

New Martial Law memes began floating to the surface of the news underground (the only place to find out what the hell is really going on) with General Tommy Franks' shocking announcement signaling to fellow NeoCons that he's behind a move to scrap the constitution and turn America into a full military dictatorship. The Major Media's COMPLETE AND TOTAL BLACKOUT of Franks' startling blurts reveals that the media themselves are quite obviously, "in on the game."

So there is no choice left for real information about what is really happening except alternative Internet news sources.

These Martial Law Memes dovetailing synchronously with the newest "threat of the week" meme, leads to only one conclusion - It's another Presidental power grab coming soon - The signals are clear. Within months the NeoCons will stage a bio or dirty bomb terrorist attack, blame it on "The Terrorists" and then move to seize total state control once again.

Will they be stopped this time? Will some brave group in the US military or intelligence step in to take out these NeoCon plotters? Don't hold your breath!

While there is no doubt serious resentment and hatred among, between and within these illuminatti circles, my guess is that the powers that are now butressing Bush are so unrelenting that there is no limit to the terror that this group will inflict on Americans to assure their grip on power.

So be smart. Prepare a plan B if needed - an exit strategy if you are an aware and awake person! Get your money out of Bushes America and into an alternate economy, until this NeoCon stench blows over. Starve out these NeoCon fanatics before they kill you and your family. Remember this, the goal of the NeoCons is first and foremost, to suck the life out of everything that moves. They want your money and your property and then they want you dead because, people, know this, they truly believe that you are breathing their precious air and drinking their precious water and they are sick and tired of it. So their methodology is to deliver death to Americans and everyone else as well. They want you dead!

As far as the media is concerned - it's a done deal! For their role, they will "overlook" and fail to even mention the MASSIVE WIDE-SCALE VOTE RIGGING that will occur on election day. This is a certainty. And they are already finalizing the scripted scenario and fake polls describing in detail how all Americans agree that considering the latest (Insert NeoCon Terror attack scenario here:) terror attack that, 99% of ALL AMERICANS AGREE THAT WE NEED MILITARY RULE!

With the swirl of controversy (thanks to the alternative Internet news sites) surrounding the rigged electronic voting machines, the NeoCons can no longer place their hopes on their latest "Clean" method of seizing consent once again. So they will have in place several concurrent terror plans all of which involve inflicting mass casualties on American citizens. In the final weeks leading up to the 2004 presidential they will finalize the decision on what level of terror they will inflict on US citizens to frighten them into thinking they are being attacked from abroad.

Then they will attack!

We can only guess how many Americans, the NeoCons will kill in their next attack, but for certain they will kill and kill and keep killing. For it is ONLY through targeted killings and "accidents" and "suicides" can they ultimately keep their grip on power - their fingernails dug into our necks.

New dirty bomb stories are magically appearing out of thin air just in time for George's coming election. Once again the Dirty Bomb re-surfaces as this weeks preparatory fear bomb designed to either divert our attentions (if it is just the decoy) or prepare us (for the attendant automatic response that they expect of us) if it is in fact to be their chosen method. But for sure these NeoCons will attack!

Will the people finally rise up and take down these phony crusaders who loot in the name of god.

The latest magically appearing CIA story which the CIA planted in the Asso(CIA)ted Press about the "discovery" of some missing Russian dirty bombs is a bald faced preparatory meme and nothing more. The AP newswire is one such point of entry into the simulacrasphere of the fraudulent control mechanisms, designed to trick and decieve. It is through points of entry such as AP newswire stories strung in from god knows where by god knows whom and fed directly into our psyches, that such control mechanisms have to power to shape the world. It is deception - nothing more and nothing lee. The promotion of such fear methodologies originate from men with a social and mortal fear of both life AND death, causing these unstable souls to crusade. Bush and his NeoCon types are phony overachievers. Yuppie sociopaths who's only connection to humanity is their desire to control it. They might have been overachievers but they were not well liked. Never having anything approaching true friendship or love - Just the comfort of one sociopathic yuppie-like reptile to another sociopathic yuppie-like reptile. Remember, this NeoCon scum is soulless.

This recent Asso(CIA)ted Press cover story gets the whole dirty bomb ball rolling again - a fear bomb, detonated in the not very remaining few retards still left who have not caught on to their game - not seen enough of their lies. This new cover story's got the familiar "Crumbling Russian Empire" angle which also subliminally evokes a patriot meme (we beat them after all - right?) so provides a double kick to the the crude thuggish mentality of the NeoCon. It carries the false crisis, reaction, solution dialectic of the fake hero, (Bush coming to the rescue live on CNN/CIA). And of course its got the WMD fear bomb meme right smack in it's belly. It's a perfect preparatory fear bomb.

This latest "preparation meme" tells the whole story. The NeoCon crusaders are obviously weighing their terror options and as evidenced by the AP story are preparing a number of scenarios for us. I had initially thought when I saw the tsunami of Dirty Bomb articles in early 2002 that this was certainly the form that the NeoCons would use when they attacked us again. But more recently I realized that if Bush group, instead, chose to hit us with an Anthrax attack that he would kill two birds with one stone. (Vindication of his failed Iraq Quagmire by saying "See, I told you Saddam had bio weapons and he just dropped one on New York, see, I told ya so! Guess we're going to let the military call off these troublesome elections because after all it is a STATE OF EMERGENCY and any elections would AID THE TERRORISTS - We'll have to have MARTIAL LAW FOR A WHILE but, hay, don't worry we just took a poll - It says that 99% of you are begging for martial law, what do ya know? So see, everything is excellent, after all you said it was, we have the poll. 99 percent of you also agreed that you are begging for the fucking that you are about to receive, see it says it right here in USA Today and CNN so it must be true. CNN and USA Today wouldn't print it unless it was true."

Folks, America is fucked!

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